Hopefully I am not acting out of turn by posting this, but official communications on this subject seem to me to be somewhat sub-optimal.

Stockopedia are running and excellent share-picking competition for 2020 , with entries closing at midnight New Year's Eve.

Some may have seen the original blog-post on the subject about a week ago which was subsequently redacted. Others may have seen the more recent email from Ed advertising the competition. However I suspect there are some that don't read the emails and who may have missed the original blog-post (or not noted the link to the entry form when it was originally posted).

So in case you have missed it, let me sign post what looks like a really fun competition with a not insubstantial prize of a long weekend for two in New York. A particularly good prize I think for subscribers who do not actually live in New York - if you're an NY resident I'll wager there might be some scope for substitution should you win ;-).

The competition itself can  be found here

It is of course entirely illogical of me to advertise a competition that I intend to enter (& if luck is with me, to win) to attract additional competitors. I guess we will just have to call this Christmas Spirit, or perhaps it is gratitude to the richly diverse community that populates the Stockopedia message boards. At the time of writing there are over 1,200 entries in the competition, but I think this is a small fraction of the subscriber base so hopefully we can improve on that number.

There is nothing to lose but your credibility - and I'll certainly be putting mine on the line with my 'ludicrous' potential selections.

Seasons greetings to one and all.



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