Stockopedia 3.5 is alive!

Friday, Jan 07 2011 by
Stockopedia 35 is alive

Hi All, as you will have seen, we've switched over to the new design of Stockopedia (version 3.5). Hope you like it!

The new "Getting Started" page provides some useful details but we'll be providing a more detailed explanation of the new features and how best to navigate the new layout. Any feedback in the interim is always welcome. You can post them here or contact us here:


Murakami and the Development Team

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kenobi 10th Jan '11 29 of 68

hang on a mo,
all the changes are fine, I must admit I'm not a huge user,
most of the time I look at my favourites, and browse round for anything new to look at,
and make a favourite so I can follow it,

I can't see how to see my favourites now, before it was a single click on the top right,

surely this is a common way to use it, I'm sure it's somewhere blindingly obvious,
please tell me so I can go away and sulk !

cheers K

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promethean 10th Jan '11 30 of 68

Ok Kenobi - so you were using your favorites as bookmarks on the old layout - or is it the favorites content stream you are missing?

We've created the My Dashboard to provide links to all the new content - just click the top right anchor link and you'll go there.  It's evolving, so please let us know what you miss there.

We'll add a hard link to the bookmarking feature in the dashboard dropdown in due course.  In the meantime your stocks are all be under the portfolio feature... but the sectors are missing!

Thanks for pointing it out - it's an oversight on our part.

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ohisay 10th Jan '11 31 of 68

In reply to promethean, post #30

I'm not sure why my portfolios and the dashboard are separate tabs.
Why not just combine them ?

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doverbeach 11th Jan '11 32 of 68

In reply to Edward Croft, post #26

re the RNS notifications. It's 7.40 and it is now showing at zero, ie it has been cleared down but today's ones haven't yet arrived :(

Also when I look at the actual portfolios, it is still showing RNS tags against the stocks which had them yesterday :(


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doverbeach 11th Jan '11 33 of 68

In reply to doverbeach, post #32

re how to handle the RNS number problem

I can see why it's not easy to do it. But how about this fudge. When someone clicks on one of the RNS tags in a portfolio, age the link colour to pale orange or B&W or something. At the same time add 1 to the count of RNSs viewed for that portfolio. When displaying the little orange numbers, deduct the Viewed count from Today's total.

This will be a bit irritating for me today, as I have already looked at todays RNSs and will have to click again on your tags to reflect this. But it will work if i do this, so it's up to me if it's worth it.

nb aging the tag colour would be helpful anyway, even if you can't correct the count


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doverbeach 11th Jan '11 34 of 68

In reply to doverbeach, post #33

ah. The orange number is now correct for today BUT the portfolios are still showing yesterdays RNS tags not todays. I guess this is a bug not a feature or a delay.


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promethean 11th Jan '11 35 of 68

Unfortunately our RNS are a half hour delayed - but watch this space. We should have live RNS at some point in the next couple of months if all goes well.

Doverbeach - we will fix the count bugs - and eventually get round to making them a bit smarter. Yes - we could add a visited anchor colour change on the portfolio RNS notes themselves. Thanks for pointing it out and we'll try to implement today.

Few Questions....

So should the RNS counts just be for today only? (I think we coded a rolling 24 hour notification)

What about getting to the RNS from the portfolio - they are still 2 clicks away - is that annoying?

Regarding counts - we are only counting the number of companies that have RNS announcements, rather than the total number of RNS - would the total number be more appropriate?

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emptyend 11th Jan '11 36 of 68

Why can't one filter for discussions concerning favourites on this page?

...would be helpful, especially as traffic increases.

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jonnyt 11th Jan '11 37 of 68

The sector prices no longer work:

Sorry we couldn't complete your request

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emptyend 11th Jan '11 38 of 68

How does one tag posts now? In the previous edition you could tag posts using the editor, but I can't see how it is done now. I wanted to tag this one with "bonds" or something similar.


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Fluffy2 11th Jan '11 39 of 68

Re: Post sorting.

On the right there is a "Sort by" box.
Is it possible to add a sort option for "Unread".
This would put the most unread (by me) at the top.

Currently, one has to:
- visually search down the page looking for little red numbers against a thread
- scroll down
- press "read more"
- visually search down.......
- repeat until bored.


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emptyend 11th Jan '11 40 of 68

Can new threads be highlighted again in the list of activity? (Perhaps using a background strip in yellow, as with "new programmes" in Windows?)

It is easy to eyeball the list and pick out previously-read threads that have new posts on them, but it is very difficult to spot which threads are completely new.

I'd suggest this is vital if you want to see a broader range of topics being discussed.


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promethean 11th Jan '11 41 of 68

jonnyt - sector prices are fixed - cheers for letting us know.

- re. new thread icon - not sure where that has gone - will fix.
- re. favourites - the aim has been to replace that page with the dashboard - we have a way to go yet clearly
- re. tagging posts - do you mean tagging individual comments or tagging headers? The latter should work fine. It's a good point on comments though. We'll discuss and see what we can do.

Fluffy - we have plans to do something like that, but because the data handling of unread counts & history is done in a different place to the sorting we have our work cut out. Sorry if it's not ideal, but we do have plans on that front.

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emptyend 11th Jan '11 42 of 68

In reply to promethean, post #41

Prom - I mean tagging comments. Yes on reflection it was just the thread that was taggable - but sometimes one makes a post that is relevant to other threads/topics

On the favourites issue, you offer a filter for discussions - so it seems illogical not to be able to filter for favourites using it.


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promethean 11th Jan '11 43 of 68

Ah - so you mean just adding a favourites option to the right column filters... will see what we can do.

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emptyend 11th Jan '11 44 of 68

In reply to promethean, post #43

yup - thanks

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doverbeach 11th Jan '11 45 of 68

In reply to promethean, post #35

So should the RNS counts just be for today only? (I think we coded a rolling 24 hour notification)

I would say today only, but don't feel strongly about it.

What about getting to the RNS from the portfolio - they are still 2 clicks away - is that annoying?

Well the ideal would be go straigt to RNS if there is only for the company and go to the list if there is more than one. But 2 clicks doesn't much bother me

Regarding counts - we are only counting the number of companies that have RNS announcements, rather than the total number of RNS - would the total number be more appropriate?

Don't care, whatever is easier


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StrollingMolby 11th Jan '11 46 of 68

I would prefer RNSs just for the day in question, rather than a rolling 24hr period. It will get confusing if trying to work out what the RNS flag is for, before realising it was just a holdings announcement issued at 5:30 yesterday. In any event I receive RNS email alerts from Investegate so read them elsewhere pretty much instantaneously.

Something else I've noticed, and possibly an early glitch, is that the share prices are showing the percentage movement compared to yesterday's open rather than today's (see Carclo (LON:CAR) or San Leon Energy (LON:SLE) for good examples where the bulk of the increase occurred yesterday).


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promethean 11th Jan '11 47 of 68

We just pushed out a 'favorites' filter onto the main discussion stream. You'll see it in the right menu.

Couple of things worth noting.

1. Click it, and it will filter for all content types just for your followed stocks, authors and sectors etc
2. You can keep it checked, and drill down to view just research, just articles, just discussion etc.

Hope it's helpful - and please let us know if you find bugs.

P.S.  (It might be a bit slow for now, especially if you follow a lot of companies/contributors, but it's better than nothing!)

P.P.S. (It's only showing at the top discussion level as a site filter)

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doverbeach 11th Jan '11 48 of 68

In reply to promethean, post #47

a bit slow is an understatement!

Would it be significantly quicker if you had two filters - one by favourite companies/sectors and one by favourite contributors?

(Yes I know having them combined is idea, but speed also counts.)

I don't know how other people would use it, but I would tend to rely on favourite companies/sectors during the trading day and only look at other posts by favourite contributors if feeling idle.


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