Stockopedia at the UK Investor Show 2018

Tuesday, Apr 24 2018 by
Stockopedia at the UK Investor Show 2018

Stockopedia was back at the UK Investor Show last weekend, and despite a few moments of controversy (more later) we came away feeling pretty happy with the result.

We’ve always been keen to attend investor shows. For the team, it’s hard to beat getting face-to-face with our users, as well as those that don’t know us so well. We can answer questions, talk about plans and reach out to new potential users as well. Overall, these events have got us closer to our members and helped shape some important decisions about what we do.

After skipping a year in 2017, we returned to find a much more buzzing UKIS this year. It was kicked off by the hugely impressive Nigel Wray, whose family bought the show outright last year. Wray himself is an incredibly successful investor and he clearly has a huge passion for the mechanics of business and management.

The main thrust of his message in a lot of what he talked about through the day was the importance of high quality management with skin in the game. Thereafter, he’s a patient buy-and-hold investor with almost no interest in trading in and out of stocks. In fact, his wealth gives him the ability to buy large, declarable stakes in the businesses that interest him and then hold them long-term.

In a panel discussion (with Tom Winnifrith and Paul Jourdan of fund management firm Amati), Wray stressed that “the only way you’ll make lots of money as a private individual is by staying with things.” He said the power of compounding is phenomenal but that “everyone neglects it”. But he was also very clear that from his own perspective, he wants a relationship with the company and to understand the journey that it’s on - and to share in the joy of that journey.

For regular investors, however, the ability to make qualitative judgments can be a challenge. Jourdan said that “judging the quality of a management team is one of the most difficult things about investing”. He said the only thing you can rely on is experience and looking through numbers very carefully.

(Incidentally, Dr Jourdan’s ‘picks’ of stocks that he might buy today as a value investor, were Indivior, Diversified Gas & Oil and IG Group).

Fake news and the sources of stock ideas

Ed Croft, the boss at…

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mmarkkj777 24th Apr '18 1 of 39

Hi, I was at the show, my second show, I was there last year. I was also in the main hall for Ed's talk. I have to say, as it appeared to be the case with many others around me, I wanted to hear the end of Eds talk (as he was about to be cut short in his prime!).

I thought Eds talk was really good and pitched at just the right level (which is always difficult at these things). Hence, I'm evaluating Stockopedia. I guess you will know in 2 week how I like it!! but, so far so good.

I've tried ADVFN ( who were at the last show) and although I can put stockscreeners together on that, I don't like it. Its a bit clunky and full of adverts, but it did the job of screening the criteria OK.

Currently, I've set up my own screener Stockopedia and set up a test alert. My investing style has been historically (last 3 years) value, but more recently with a quality and growth element. I'm interested to know how momentum will influence my results.

Keep up the good work.



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JohnEustace 24th Apr '18 2 of 39

I found the disorganisation at the show really annoying. Perhaps it was partly because I spent the previous week in calm, orderly Vienna and returning to busy London was a bit of a shock to the system, but the Winnifrith factor was much too high for me.

That being said there were an awful lot of people there who could really benefit from the Stockopedia service so for that reason alone I think Stockopedia have a duty to keep attending.

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jules2k6 24th Apr '18 3 of 39

Hi Ed
I would just like to say what a great idea it was to print a Company directory for the show. I find printed material preferential to web material and this will serve as a reference for the year ahead.

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Edward Croft 24th Apr '18 4 of 39

In reply to post #356793

Thanks Jules. I'd love it if we could print a company directory for the whole market but the costs are pretty prohibitive.

Maybe we should publish a hard copy "Super Stocks of the Year" publication - with the top 100 ranked shares written up in detail and sell it at a discount for subscribers.

That would be quite fun !

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Paul Scott 24th Apr '18 5 of 39

In reply to post #356793

Hi jules2k6,

 I find printed material preferential to web material and this will serve as a reference for the year ahead.

Interesting that you say that. I also like to have printed things to refer to.

This jogged my memory of something the joint CEO ladies at Sosandar (LON:SOS) said, when talking about their company on their stand. They were giving out little booklets, A5 size I think, showing their clothing range, in a very traditional way - i.e. much like the old mail order catalogues that you used to find enclosed with the sunday papers.

Surprisingly in this technological age, the Sosandar ladies said that traditional mail shots of their catalogues are proving very successful - with excellent response rates.

So with the GDPR regulations coming up, making holding of customer email details more difficult, I wonder if we might start to see a more widespread return to traditional printed marketing material, rather than online/email marketing?

Thanks for the article Ben, it was an excellent event, despite the various controversies!

Well done to Stockopedia for providing a booklet which showed that most exhibitors are pretty lousy companies! Although I think that was maybe intended to be an open secret, as the exhibitors provide the useful function of paying for the show.

Regards, Paul.

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Gromley 24th Apr '18 6 of 39

In reply to post #356808

Maybe we should publish a hard copy "Super Stocks of the Year" publication - with the top 100 ranked shares written up in detail and sell it at a discount for subscribers.
That would be quite fun !

Whilst I don't have any insight whatsoever into your little "spat" I would think that such a publication would give rise to some interesting discussions with Winifred [!] in years to come.

Your diversification rules are obviously irrelevant, if you happen to pick a single loser.

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Andrew L 24th Apr '18 7 of 39

Ed, Ben, etc. I guess the obvious question is why not create your own show? But selecting companies that you think are good. Or maybe an event where Stockopedia subscribers pitch their ideas or something. I didn't make the boat thing which sounded good. But a Stockopedia stock pitching in person competition might be interesting. Maybe once every three months in a pub.

UK Investor Show is a bit bizzare. TW always tries to pitch himself as the friend of the private investor etc and the exposer of frauds. However, the stocks he attracts to the show are in the main truly awful. There seems to be no effort to go out and find the good companies as far as I can see. The company pitches are over the top. The CEO says something like "in a year's time our shares will double." I.e. the pitch of an overzelous salesperson who hasn't delivered and has to say something to get people's attention.

For me the best show of the year is the Cenkos/Shares magazine one. Or Shares/LSE the previous year. They get reasonable companies and it isn't too large. I have really enjoyed it. The Master Investor and UK Investor Show ones have the feel of being: we are free so you are the product. I.e. shows trying to milk the muppets. TW at the UK Investor Show isn't boring but I am not sure he is enlightening either. The Jeremy Clarkson of the investment world. The whole ridiculous argument about the length of a presentation time this year was so immature as to be ridiculous.

If Shares magazine can organize a good show then surely Stockopedia can?  However, Shares partnered with the LSE and then Cenkos to try and rope good companies into attending. So it is about company pulling power to some extent.  I don't know if Stockopedia alone would have that.

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dpo1130 24th Apr '18 8 of 39

Ed..... I noticed that you omitted one company...... TechFinancials Inc. (which has high SR) in the show there a particular reason?

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Adam Collingburn 25th Apr '18 9 of 39

In reply to post #356863

Hey dpo1130,

No reason at all really, we got the list of the companies attending from the UKIS website as close to the our print deadline as possible. We imagined there might be a couple of companies yet to confirm and be added to the despite leaving it as late as possible :)

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Paddy Thomas 25th Apr '18 10 of 39

I agree fully with the suggestion expressed by ratioinvestor

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Edward Croft 25th Apr '18 11 of 39

In reply to post #357248

We've already started doing some meetups in Oxford. We're going to try and do one in London... and we'll build it up from there. 50% of the audience for my talk were Stockopedia Subscribers at the UK Investor Show - so I think we can fill a few rooms !

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davidjhill 25th Apr '18 12 of 39

In reply to post #356813

Hi Paul

Unfortunately, I didn't make it this year. Interesting you mention exhibitors often being lousy companies. I have attended a number of years and usually, having talked to directors of the exhibitors, bought shares in a couple of the most interesting companies following the event. They are usually my worst performing stocks! My conclusion is that directors probably talk a story that their advisors just don't allow them to say in print and we (or maybe it's just me!) swallow their enthusiastic stories.

That said, and therefore with some trepidation, I ask how the ladies at Sosandar (LON:SOS) came across to you?
I am not surprised that print works well for them as an accelerator. The folk I know in their core demographic seem to like to browse off-line but are happy enough to buy on-line.

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brinrich 25th Apr '18 13 of 39

I was at the show and i thought ed's talk was the highlight of the show,it actually brought everybody down to earth with facts.(as a lot the stocks discussed at the show at dragons den were given pretty low stock scores) Ed stuck to his guns and stayed on stage for his full 40 mins good for him, impressive and refreshing presentation.

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bsharman 25th Apr '18 14 of 39

In reply to post #357278

Hi David,
I had a long chat with the Sosandar (LON:SOS) ladies and they came across very well. We discussed returns and the cost of returns (40% - which is the industry standard), manufacturing in small batches to gauge demand and then the ability to turn on production quickly to meet demand if for example something sells out. I looked at the quality of the shoes and clothing and TBH I thought that the garment materials seemed quite cheap, such as you would find in a Primark. I'm not an expert in Women's clothing or fashion though! They only run summer and post Christmas sales and most of their marketing now is driven by instagram "influencers". I thought the team were lovely people to chat with but I won't be investing! I can't see what their USP is and the market is very competitive.

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thomaspam 25th Apr '18 15 of 39

I like ends presentation.Good as usual.I was disappointed not to see Paul Scott there but I believe he turned up later. graham was good on the stockopedia stand and answered all propels questions on different stocks.Overall a very well presented show but not too keen on Tom Winnifrith.He seems to take over when he is on stage.

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purpleski 25th Apr '18 16 of 39

In reply to post #356813

Hi Paul

"So with the GDPR regulations coming up, making holding of customer email details more difficult, I wonder if we might start to see a more widespread return to traditional printed marketing material, rather than online/email marketing?" - God forbid!!

I think if the web source of the material is thinking about the user they will add a little bit of code to make the pages print friendly or upload PDF brochures, which can be printed by those who one to.

I personally prefer using web material and tools: blog, Pocket, Evernote etc

As to GDPR as I commented on your SCVR this morning I think that the worries over this have been over done and that after the initial bedding process and adaptation things will settle down and the impact if anything will benefit legitamate business by engendering more customer trust and a more engaged customer base.



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andyi 25th Apr '18 17 of 39

Hi Ben,
i didn't attend the show although I had intended to. The main reason for my decision was threefold, firstly the presence of Tom W., secondly, the poor quality of the companies attending and thirdly the lure of a football match. Having looked at the companies on show the football match won al;though I would have liked to heard some of the quality speakers such ad Paul, Graham and Ed.

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mrgrowthvalue 25th Apr '18 18 of 39

I was at the show but unfortunately missed the "controversy" so can't opine on it! I did go to Ed's presentation in one of the smaller rooms though and that was great. Mark Slater's talk at the end was excellent too. It was the first time I have been to the UK Investor Show. Mixed feelings really. Some great speakers (Mark Slater, Ed @ Stockopedia, Nigel Wray & Luke Johnson) but the quality of companies there was sub par in my humble/honest view.

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PhilH 25th Apr '18 19 of 39

Thank god Stockopedia metrics and screening save me from having to listen to endless spin by company PR machines in an effort to sift the wheat from the chaff. I can't think of anything more tedious.

Professional Services: Sunflower Counselling
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