Digitalbox (LON:DBOX)


Things are going well for James Carter, the CEO and the PLC now has one year of financial figures behind it.

'The Company is pleased to announce that trading for the year ended 31 December 2019 has delivered better operating margins than forecast, with adjusted profit before tax being ahead of market expectations, and revenue slightly ahead.'

Margins are better (internal management stuff) and PBT ahead of the one broker estimate in the market. OK a £6m market cap PLC but one where I have met the CEO a few times . All in all, an interesting start up in the world of digital publishing. Think Future PLC but how does DBOX getting bigger?

The good news is that Entertainment Daily and Daily Mash, the core brands are getting the eye balls and in December the Entertainment Daily web site attracted 6m unique visitors visit it. The Daily Mash audience level is up 15% yoy in the 2H, as in both content brands. The digitalbox technology is plays its part in targeting the audience. ED google sourced traffic was up 127% versus last year, helped by the Discovery feed which is highly selective news pusher, using readers past behaviour ahead of the search on the mobile. The advertising auction is done in micro seconds before launch, generating revenues. The most viewed story Six phrases that instantly single you out as an absolute b*llend had around 560,000 views, the RNS states.

The year has begun well with multiple stories for Royal and Ant & Dec watchers. Love Island too? The Matt Baker’s live and very emotional farewell speech on the One Show was the biggest single story. These stories drive the advertising revenues that accompany the searched content. The success of the switch to digital content from hard copy , using DBOX technology be noticed by old type magazine owners and encourage then to sell. Digitalbox wants to expand but the financing options are an open discussion due to the PLC's size. This is why having a encouraging first year of trading is helpful for expansion. ED now has 2.2m unique users a month, being 13m sessions a month. Daily Mash 4m visits a month and 900k facebook followers.

James Carter has a…

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