Recording of webinar now available here:  https://www.equitydevelopment....

The Strix team discussed the opportunities for growth across their three key categories, and provided considerable detail about the recently announced conditional acquisition of Billi. They discussed the strategic rationale for the deal and capital allocation priorities, and answered a wide-ranging Q&A session which has been divided below into two parts - the first focusing on Billi, and the second with broader questions including capex, dividends, own brands, margins and China.

The full video has been divided into chapters for ease of viewing:
0:00:20 - Highlights from H1 2022 & margin analysis (Mark Bartlett, CEO)
0:05:42 - Kettle Control category (Harry Kyriacou, CCO)
0:09:36 - Water category
0:13:25 - Appliances category
0:16:02 - Aurora product video
0:17:44 - Billi acquisition (overview, strategic rationale, medium term targets, capital allocation)
0:31:44 - Outlook statement
0:34:21 - Q & A part 1: focus on Billi (cross-sell opportunity, gross margins, leverage, distribution channels, customer feedback)
0:43:18 - Q & A part 2: capex, debt, dividends, China, margins, own brands


Coming up - webinar  - here is the blurb from Equity Development:

Wednesday 26th October at 11.00am.

Mark Bartlett (CEO) and Harry Kyriacou (Chief Commercial Officer) will discuss the opportunities for growth. They will examine the levers behind maintaining kettle global market share and their margin, as well as discussing the opportunities for growth in the Water and Appliance categories more broadly, including the recent conditional acquisition of Billi.

Since Strix came to market in 2017, management have focused on broadening the business beyond its original profitable core kettle controls. The recent conditional acquisition of Billi is another step on this journey, following the successful integration of the Italian business Laica (bought September 2020), and the integration of the assets from HaloSource (acquired March 2019). Their Water and Appliance categories are growing into meaningful contributors, helping Strix accelerate their target of doubling revenues by 2025.

This session is designed to give participants greater insight into the specific products and opportunities that Strix are pursuing in all three categories, and the way in which these products are playing into consumers desire to be both cost conscious and environmentally sound. The webinar is open to all existing and potential shareholders.

You can register here: https://www.equitydevelopment....

Latest - 5/10/22 acquisition of Billi. SCVR report by Graham here:


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