It's interesting to see quite a bit of change this year. Wow to Anil Agarwal who has gone from number 70 to 10! Clearly most of it on the back of Vedanta Resources (LON:VED) rise the past year (I still can't believe that went to £5 and is up 6 fold in the past year!). Also Vladimir Kim from Kazakhmys (LON:KAZ) has done pretty well for himself on the rapid rise of its share price!

I wonder if SOCO International (LON:SIA) can do something similar :-)

Anyone looking at the rich list a few years ago would have seen a bunch of property farts in the top 20. It is interesting to note quite a few of the members in the top 20 are in sectors related to commodities, and the likes of Branson and Green falling down the wealth list. A few more years, and I think the list will be dominated by commodity related investors/businessmen.

Here's the top 20 [1] :

1 (1) Lakshmi Mittal and family, steel, £22,450 million, up 108 per cent

2 (2) Roman Abramovich, oil and industry, £7,400 million, up six per cent

3 (3) Duke of Westminster, property, £6,750 million, up four per cent

4 (4) Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli, pharmaceuticals, £5,950 million, up 19 per cent

5 (9=) David and Simon Reuben, property and internet, £5,532 million, up 121 per cent

6 (18=) Alisher Usmanov, steel and mines, £4,700 million up 213 per cent

7 (47) Galen and George Weston and family, retailing, £4,500 million, up 400 per cent

8 (7) Charlene and Michel de Carvalho, inheritance, brewing, banking, £4,400 million, up 49 per cent

9 (6) Sir Philip and Lady Green, retailing, £4,105 million, up seven per cent

10 (70=) Anil Agarwal, mining, £4,100 million, up 583 per cent

11 (5) Hans Rausing and family, packaging, £4,000 million, unchanged

12 (new entry) Joseph Lau, property, £3,825 million

13 (9=) Kirsten and Jorn Rausing, inheritance and investment, £3,500 million, up 40 per cent

14 (81=) Vladimir Kim, mining, £3,160 million, up 480 per cent

15 (new entry) Leonard Blavatnik, industry, £3,000 million

16 (9=) John Fredriksen, shipping, £2,750 million, up 10 per cent

17 (9=) Joe Lewis, foreign exchange and investment, £2,700 million, up eight per cent

18 (32=) Sir Richard Branson, transport, internet and mobile telephones, £2,600 million, up…

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