Following Paul's idea of individual thread heres one on a  Stocko favourite that has many positives, but what is its true value.


  • Stalwart of the Jim Slater screen for a few years, just recently fell off (EPS only 14.4 instead of > 15)
  • PER miserly 3.3
  • Market Cap £275m
  • Dividend 4%+
  • Cash Balance of £72 m (quarter of the market Cap is cash.
  • Both House Broker and Simon Thompson have price target of near 200p


  • Volatile, dependent on price of PGM, but expected shortage of Rhodium should help 
  • Located in South Africa, but recent unrest did not affect them

They are a hefty 26% of my portfolio and I would like to reduce the holding down to around 10%, hope to retire within 9 months, and too volatile for a good night sleep once I eventually decide to stop working, I can keep going for a few years, so no rush, but currently down to 97p from a recent high of 143p. 

What are the rest of the community thoughts, where does true value lie?  Everything says hold and forget, but what am I missing?

Be kind to all.

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