Jim Shears, CEO and Phil Ratcliffe, Group Commercial Director present FY20 results. Revenues were down, in part, due to less FOB business but profits were significantly up due to higher margins. The improved margins were achieved by a higher margin product mix, careful cost control, and reduced operating costs. CV19 has had a massive impact on both supply and demand, sometimes for the better or the worse, with a net positive effect. This is a really comprehensive presentation to understand the moving parts. Video & Podcast.

00:00 – Opening

Jim Shears, CEO
00:36 – Operational highlights
10:48 – Financial highlights

Phil Ratcliffe, Group Commercial Director
15:08 – 2020 Review
19:25 – Elements of the business
24:43 – Summary
25:08 – 2021 Challenges
27:18 – Outlook

Jim Shears, CEO
31:54 – Closing remarks
32:36 – Q&A

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