Today, piworld have launched a new idea Deep Dive into ... different tech themes. So today: Deep Dive into Silicon Carbide for investors. By Dr Peter Gammon of Warwick University. Video or Podcast.

An hour’s deep dive into silicon carbide (SiC) market, to summarise what investors should know. Here Dr Peter Gammon, who is an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick, talks about the power electronics market, technical characteristics of silicon carbide, suitability of silicon carbide for high voltage applications, issues and challenges in producing SiC devices and the most important companies in the SiC supply chain. Introduction and Q&A by Jay Malik, a tech investor.

Dr Peter’s Background – 2:46
The Power Devices Market – 03:20
Power Device Design Requirements – 08:34
Technical Characteristic And Applications – 13:00
Why Silicon Carbide? – 19:42
Issues, Cost and Threat from GAN – 21:31
SiC Supply Chain – 28:55
Major Substrate Suppliers – 32:01
Epi-Wafer Suppliers – 33:44
Chip Manufacturers – 34:50
Applications Companies & OEMs – 37:25
Research at Warwick – 40:14
SiC Clean Room at Warwick – 42:55
SiC Consultancy Services – 43:56

Q&A – 45:05

About Dr Peter Gammon Dr Peter is an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick. He has been researching Silicon Carbide Power devices for about 15 years. He has published a number of papers and leads a group of 8 researchers working on future applications of silicon carbide in areas like Satellites and grid level applications. His research covers silicon carbide as a material, SiC devices (IGBTs, MOSFETs, Schottky Diodes), applications and clean room manufacturing techniques. Visit his profile on for more info.

Do give feedback if this could be an interesting series, or if it's just too technical. We have other ideas to cover, but depends on the interest in this one.

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