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Hi Guys,

I film 'Stocks to Watch' on my YouTube channel applying the Wyckoff methodology. It's a combination of technical analysis, structural analysis, and analysing market behaviour through non-linear fractal price structures. If you'd like me to cover a stock your interested in, comment below and I'll include it in a video. In additional, I'll also look at the fundamentals using Stockopedia. Any feedback on how to improve the format of the videos and new ideas are greatly received.

Obviously not financial advice, just my views.

20 August Episode #64 here: £TTGT Fevertree Drinks (LON:FEVR) £NWL £K £BA Begbies Traynor (LON:BEG) VANECK VECTORS UCITS ETF (LON:GDX)

19 August Day #22 £100K Challenge here

16 August How to Avoid a 20% Crash here

15 August Episode #63 here: Plus detailed analysis of why my trades suck

14 August I screwed up on two trades in the £100K Challenge: click here

13 August Why did the Mark Minervini Trade Fail? click here

12 August Anatomy of a Trade: $RTN here: From a Stocko Sub

11 August Anatomy of a Trade: $FEYE here: Roman & I both trade this stock and both lost!

9 August Reviewing Howard's Trade of 4imprint (LON:FOUR) click here

9 August Why the Cision Trade Failed & Lessons Learnt click here

8 August Day #11 £100K Challenge here - Portfolio +4%


5 August Day #8 £100K Challenge here - Portfolio up 3.1%

3 August Games Workshop Trade Review here (was a very high StockRank at the time, I think 90+)

2 August Day #5 £100K Challenge here

2 August Wyckoff Campaign Post / Video looking at how to use the Wyckoff Method and Tape Reading for Day Trading Opportunities click here

1 August Anatomy of a Trade w/ Roman Bogomazov…

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All information is for Educational purposes only. It is not to be taken as buy or sell decisions or financial advice.

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Howard Adams 10th Aug 229 of 268

In reply to post #502831

Hi Jack (& Roman).

A great anatomy of my trade in 4imprint (LON:FOUR) (pre knowing about Wyckroff).

All your analyses and commentary is spot on and extremely useful.

Seeing you reveal my trading through the lenses of the Wyckroff structures (both longer-term and the more immediate trading periods), volume & price interactions and how my trading emotions were playing out is fantastic, and very accurate.

Thank you for doing that.

Do you want other examples or do you have sufficient already?


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Jack Corsellis 11th Aug 230 of 268

In reply to post #502936

Hi Howard,

I'm glad the Wyckoff Method is helping you to understand and contextualise market behaviour and seeing optimal entry and exit positions.  So much of this game is awareness.

I remember reviewing all my 'pre Wyckoff trades' and the amount of errors was astonishing!

Please do keep sending us your trades to review.



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Jack Corsellis 11th Aug 231 of 268

Wyckoff Introduction Course video showing some of my results too

video here



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kalkanite 12th Aug 232 of 268

Hello Jack (and others)

I have just started trading in spread bets in order to give myself options to short stocks, indices etc. which I cannot do in my ISA and SIPP accounts.

I have been trading on the City Index platform. This platform does not require GBP cash to be converted to destination stock market currency in order to trade them, also they do not charge FX fees which makes them pretty good when trading European or US stocks ( I have a short on BMW) not a Wyckoff trade I know but I think the auto industry will go very much South in the near future at least.

I'm looking to add more funds to this but want to spread my risk to another platform provider. I see you use II, could you (or any other poster) recommend II or another platform?


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Jack Corsellis 12th Aug 233 of 268

In reply to post #503496

Interesting short on BMW. I'm bearish on autos, especially German's.

My limited experience of Degiro is that it's better than II for trading due to much lower fees. Sounds like one of your primary drivers is a low fee provider. II is better for a SIPP and customer service no doubt though.

Hope that helps,

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kalkanite 12th Aug 234 of 268

Thanks for the reply Jack

Is Degiro and City Index one and the same? Despite investing for circa 10 years I am a complete novice when it comes to spread betting which is why I'm interested in finding which are the better platforms and what sets them apart. I started with City Index as it allows a demo account so that you can get used to trading, suss out what charges are involved and when before opening a real money account which I have ofcourse now done.

Low fee is not necessarily my main driver, getting the best "execution only" service at a reasonable price would be a more over riding desire. Spreading my risk by not having my money exposed to just one spread betting account seems to make sense. Is II expensive? would be good to get feedback on any sites.



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andrea34l 12th Aug 235 of 268

In reply to post #503846

My experience of Degiro so far is:

  • The low fees are ideal for short term trading opportunities, to make small amounts quickly... which ideally in time will accumulate to more than a small amount :-)
  • Customer service is a bit hit and miss - I have only dealt with them via email, and the response time is very variable.
  • Sometimes the account refresh can be really slow, so when I complete a transaction it may take a while to appear in the portfolio even when I know the trade has happened. Sometimes it is just easier to log out and back in again.
  • So far I have only placed limit trades - there are, uh, limits on what one can trade with these, and if like me one is a very small investor then it may not be possible to trade some shares at all because I can't deal in a number of shares that is small enough for me. I am a bit wary at the mo to place a market trade, as I don't know if this will give me a real-time quote or it will just go to the market and possibly be traded at a poor price. For example, I wanted to add to my holding of Volex today, but I had to trade a minimum of 2000 shares on a limit trade - this could be peanuts to many of you, but for me it is a large investment.
  • I am set up using a custody account, so if I receive any dividends then they will charge me to have them credited to my account.
  • If I want to add funds into the account these will. at the earliest, appear in the account on the next working day... and this is only if I don't leave the transfer to late in the day.

So, overall, a bit of a mixed bag. For my longer-time investing horizon I use Share Centre.

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kalkanite 12th Aug 236 of 268

Thanks for taking your time re Degiro Andrea.

I notice that City Index sometimes takes quite a bit of time when getting a price for closing an open position, yesterday one such request to close took about 80 seconds before I got a quoted price to close. Is this normal? I don't know, my funds for my next account should be due tomorrow or Wednesday so hoping to get an idea of which platform to put it in by then.

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mercury61 13th Aug 237 of 268

In reply to post #500521


I can't seem to locate to include the % vs 52 wk low/high rules. Could you help please?

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HumourMe 13th Aug 238 of 268

In reply to post #503981

I can't seem to locate to include the % vs 52 wk low/high rules. Could you help please?

The filters are slightly counter intuitive. % and other symbols aren't properly recognized, so try 'high' etc.. and you should be able to find them in the shortlist.

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PhilH 13th Aug 239 of 268

In reply to post #503876

You might also want to consider the 'protection level' offered by each broker.
According to DeGiro only offers 20k Euros compared to say IG which offers £85k.

I too have been considering the best spread bet account that supports stocks in UK, Europe (mainly Germany & France) and the US.

I'm personally leaning towards IG but would welcome other suggestions

Professional Services: Sunflower Counselling
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heregoes18 13th Aug 240 of 268

In reply to post #504081

That's a good point. Only yesterday I watched this video on the UKspreadbetting channel on YouTube - he referred to the compensation as 'the ultimate stop loss'. Certainly makes you think - imagine Jack getting his 10k account up to 80k and most of that hard work managing risk etc is wiped out due to issues with the broker.

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PhilH 13th Aug 241 of 268

In reply to post #504121

Well the other factor for me is being tax efficient.

I either want ...

1) a low cost ISA that offers good exposure to US, Europe (Germany, France, Norway, Sweden) and UK. Not that easy to find and I'd say AJ Bell YouInvest (who I'm currently with aren't a bad option). DeGiro and IB don't offer ISA's

2) a low cost spread betting account that covers the same markets, with good account protection. Evaluating the costs of the spread betting accounts are trickier though as you have to consider spreads plus financing costs of holding a position overnight or longer if you are playing for the mid term. IG's rate is LIBOR + 2.5% so I leaning towards them at the moment

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Howard Adams 13th Aug 242 of 268

In reply to post #503981

Hi mercuty61

They are under 'Price' this lists all the variations about share price.


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mercury61 14th Aug 243 of 268

In reply to post #504041

Got them now; looking slightly different to your screen grab but I'm assured the same metric. Thank you.

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mercury61 14th Aug 244 of 268

In reply to post #504161

Thank you. This new layout and shake-about is taking time to adjust to.

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mercury61 14th Aug 245 of 268

Hi Jack

I wonder if you could look into the following. I'd be interested to see if my W hunches are indeed correct or not. PCTN, FTF, TPG, AAIF. (The £ sign doesn't work and I understand is being worked on by the tech. team). Thanks.

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PhilH 14th Aug 246 of 268

Hi Jack,

I like the look of this one, shame it's a bit of an obscure Finish stock, INCAP Corporation (ICP1V). It's a top QM candidate. It's a re-accumulation with a bullish rising base and it's smashed out through it's trading range today.

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Jack Corsellis 14th Aug 247 of 268

In reply to post #504381

Have added to the list, thank you.  I've been slacking on the Stocks to Watch front due to getting the business and product set up.  Best, JC

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Jack Corsellis 14th Aug 248 of 268

In reply to post #504716

Hi Phil, looks interesting and I've added it to the Stocks to Watch list.  I'd expect to see some testing action around the BC level.  I'd change the labelling somewhat and will illustrate this in the video.  One key to remember is the Spring is only a Spring if it undercuts the previous lows of Phase A and B, otherwise it's an LPS.  Best, JC

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