Potential revised approach in progress (based on Minervini and a few others) and wished to share this for comment.

Note: This came up on my purely technical Minervini type screen - https://www.stockopedia.com/screens/minervini-396388/

Finding it hard to ignore (even though I have avoided on instinct, Netflix, tablets, not wanting to go out, much more comfortable at home etc.)...

PER is 13.3.

Rev is not great but OK - 67.3 to 71.0 actual then to 76.8 forecast.

EPS from 6.61 to 12.3 actual then to 18.9 (forecast) is though, 100% and 50%!

A great ROCE 16%, Industry standard 6.39%.

Op Mgn above Industry standard 13% vs 11.3%

4% or so yield and forecast to rise, reasonably well covered.

Small Net Debt - Much less than Op Profit and less than 5% of Mkt Cap.

Aggressive Entry 265p, Conservative 280p.

Almost talking myself into this one!


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