Keeping ‘across the news’ (am I the only one to be irritated by this new phraseology from BBC News?)  on the stock market can be a challenge. Investegate reports in the region of 3,000 articles each week, that’s around 600 each day it would be a big challenge to read all of those.

Thankfully about half of them do not appear relate directly to UK listed companies.

Of those that do another substantial number are what I would describe as admin (holding notices, announcement of report dates, Rule 8.5 notices, Director dealings etc) . This is not to say that those are entirely without interest but they are not usually the type of thing that rocks the market.

This still leaves over 100 potential announcements per day to peruse (610 last week by my reckoning), which is beyond the patience of most of us.

I have been working on some text analytics on the RNSes to take some of the strain, unfortunately the evolutionary process is somewhat slow and my algorithms are still dragging themselves out of the primordial slime and have only just about attained the status of Artificial Stupidity.

But help is at hand, “the market” gives us a pretty impressive filter as to which announcements we should take notice of. For the week just gone

  • 19 RNSes ‘caused’ a share price movement of +/- 20% or more.
  • A further 28 ‘caused’ movements  of between 10 & 20%
  • And 65 ‘caused’ movements of between 5 & 10%.

I list below the 47 announcements causing movements of more than 10% in either direction.

If you are wanting to catch up on what happened in the market last week, I’d suggest this is a reasonable (and hopefully manageable) reading list, some of these announcements will of course have been covered here anyway.

In the list below I show share price change on the day (closing price on the day of announcement vs the previous close). I also show the opening price on the day of announcement vs the previous close and you’ll see that in the many cases “the market” tells us what is important by 8am each morning.

This is very much work in progress and in fact it is a by-product of something I am working on. It carries something of an overhead to produce at the moment, so…

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