Judging by the ‘thumb count’ I think this column has pretty much run its course. It was actually a by-blow of some other work I have been doing so I floated it really just to see how it would be received.

This will probably be the last one in the current guise, but I’m happy to consider alternative presentations if there are particular areas of interest dropping out of this.

Anyway onto business; this is a review of those RNSes associated with share price movements of > +/- 5%. This drills-down from over 3,000 RNSes each week to a narrower number of potentially interesting ones. This week the number of potentially interesting RNSes is quite high at 140! (In fact the number of companies covered is 121, given that in a number of cases, there are multiple announcements)

Here is the usual breakdown by market cap and extent of share-price move.

Share Price Movement / Market Cap Micro Larger
>+/- 20% 12 13 25
+/- 10-20% 20 18 38
+/- 5-10% 38 39 77
Total 70 70 140



So if one wants to be more focused, there were only 25 announcements linked with daily share-price moves of greater than 20%. Equally if one wants to ignore the micro-caps and look at only share price moves above 10%, the list comes down to 31 announcements.

A very quick run through some announcements of interest

Equatorial Palm Oil (LON:PAL) (Tiny micro-cap)  - rose 100% on the announcement that their ship had come in.

Sirius Minerals (LON:SXX) – fell by 53% on the news that their attempt to raise funds from a bond issue was not tenable  and that are not sure where they can get any cash from. This as a “Debt Non Occurrence event”

StatPro (LON:SOG) – saw a 53% increase in share-price to a level fractionally below a recommended bid from “Confluence Technologies”.

Quixant (LON:QXT) fell 46% on a poor H2 outlook statement in their interim results.

Something of a theme, Charles Taylor (LON:CTR) rose 39% to trade slightly above the price of a recommended bid…

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