A shorter than usual summary from me of the weeks major RNSes (or at least those associated with the largest share price changes). For the same reason  I will not be producing a summary next weekend (although I may do a catch up).


Firstly the usual stats of number of RNSes associated with different levels of price movement

Share Price Movement (+/-) / Mcap Micro Larger Total
>20% 9 7 18
10-20% 16 12 39
5-10% 17 36 79
Total 54 82 136


Interestingly there was more excitement amongst the larger companies this week.


Anyone who has not been living in a cave for the last week will not be surprised to find that the biggest movement came from a “Response to share price movement” announcement.

No not that one!

In this case it was from the microcap MySale (LON:MYSL), the share price was up an impressive 290% on the day. The announcement itself was a rather bland confirmation  that the previously announced “strategic review” is still ongoing ; presumably there was a rumour earlier in the day of something significant. Not one to dwell on for too long however, given that the market cap on the day moved from £3m to £12m (and is subsequently back to £4.5m)

In fact Burford Capital (LON:BUR) only made it to 3rd place in the table (although they did appear multiple days) like the MySale (LON:MYSL) instance above it was an after the event announcement; a useful reminder that not all large price movements are caused by RNSes.

Anyway for those wanting to further research any of the announcements from last week is the list of the 57 announcements associated with share-price movements of 10% or greater.

  Happy reading

date Stock Day Change Open Change Mcap (£M) industry
06-Aug MySale (LON:MYSL) 290% 25% 4 Software & IT Services
08-Aug TLA Worldwide (LON:TLA) 170% 0% 0 Media & Publishing
07-Aug Burford Capital (LON:BUR) -46% 1% 3,173 Investment Banking & Investment Services

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