Hi all,

For those less experienced investors (like me). I recently read 2 books on my summer holiday that I wish I had read 6 months ago (I might have avoided a couple of poor investments or sold out before they became big mistakes).

The first book is The Art of Execution by Lee Freeman-Shor

Statistically only half your investments will be winners (that is the industry norm). However, if you win big and keep your losses small then you can make a lot of money. If you can be an assassin and a connoisseur then you will maximise your gains. Its brilliantly written and only took a day or two to read (on holiday). 

The second book is an old classic called: Beyond the Zulu Principal by legendary investor Jim Slater.

Its dated (written in 1996) but the principals are still valid today. Surmise to say I now understand how to value growth (and how to find good value growth) instead of just looking for shares at knock down prices. It also gives good advice on portfolio distribution and when to sell.

The "old hands" in here might wonder how I didn't already know the above principals but I feel there might be many, like me, who will do better if they read these simple to read books. Enjoy.

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