Like many of you, I have been a Stocko subscriber for a while, private investor for longer, and been slaving 9-to-5 for even longer. This year, I have decided to take a more rigorous approach to investing, and one tip I have received is to make sure you do regular portfolio reflections. I work in Agile, so the concept of doing a "retrospective" every so often appeals; you not only discover what went well and should be repeated, but also what went badly and take actions to stop it from happening again.

Do send me comments or messages - would love a good chat or debate on my or your investments.


What's the BBB Fund?

My name is Boon, and this is my Beer & Boat fund. Ideally, every year it should make enough to pay for my beers. And if it does well, maybe a boat!

What's my investment strategy?

Is it fair to say I don't really have one, or I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what strategies I'm deploying. Maybe one of you can tell me after reading ! All I know is that I do both small caps and large caps, I go across sectors, I stick to only UK listed shares, I like both dividends and also growth. I'm skeptical of blue sky, but am holding one currently. I balk at chasing high PE multiples. I avoid IPOs for at least a year after listing. But I'm a realist that as long as you buy at a share price that is lower than where it goes in the future, then there's no difference in how that pound is earned, when it comes to investing.

What's my setup?

I do all my share investing via a SIPP and an ISA. So you will see performance graphs and stats from both below. The SIPP is mainly used to hold larger and more liquid shares; this is because I use YouInvest, and often I find they are terrible in pricing for small caps, both buy and sell. The ISA is mainly for small cap shares, and I hold via IG.

What is my sizing?

I won't divulge how much money I have in each, nor the exact sizes of positions, but in both SIPP and ISA I have 6-figures. I will state Small (0-4% of portfolio) , Medium (5-9% of portfolio), or…

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