In Manchester, we currently have three groups. Investing is the study of everything with constantly changing parameters. It is inevitable that groups will develop their own perspective and personality. This, is a good thing and is encouraged.

Group 1 - Manchester Shares Group.

This group tends to meet on Monday evenings bi-monthly. They meet in the upstairs area of a pub which whilst not private, tends to be quiet enough. The members are very focused. They don't work to an agenda but the format is understood. Each member talks about a share of interest and why. The conversation moves around the group with each person taking a turn. Inevitably, regular chit chat and conversation are also part of the evening. This group has been meeting for several years and is now essentially considered full. For the conversation format to work, the group needs to be restricted to about twelve. If this style was of interest to others, then we would look to run another session.

Group 2 - Manchester Weekday Investor Group.

This group also runs bi-monthly, alternate to the evening group. It uses a different venue which has a private boardroom. The room has a good size table with a screen which we can connect to for presentations, charts etc. The group has a more general approach to investing, presentations by members are common and guest speakers are invited along. The format of this group can handle larger numbers, maybe up to twenty before the process is compromised. Again, if there is demand, we will create another group.

Group 3 - Manchester F.I.R.E. Group.

This group has created from the Financially Independent Retire Early community. The F.I.R.E. brigade, risen from the ashes etc (I'll stop now), They tend to meet at yet another venue in Manchester City Centre again, bi monthly. This group has been growing and we are jiggling the format to be more constructive. The approach is a little different to that of a private investor but the goal is essentially the same.

The three groups are all aware, supportive and respectful of one another, members either stick to their group or drift between. We take an 'us and us' approach. Information is shared and the process is enjoyed.

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