We have taken a three week break during half term and wanted a little pause ahead of starting our second year of Mello Monday shows....that also means that the 2020 Autumn annual passes have now expired and you will need to renew them if you want the best way to access all our shows and the huge archive of recordings. The next show is this Monday and we have five shows lined up in this month alone plus more in December.

The show this Monday 8th November 2021 starts at 6pm through to 9:30pm and will feature company presentations from Sosandar plc, The Property Franchise Group plc and SulNOx plc. We also have two interviews with Chris Boxall of Investors Champion and also best selling author Hilary Robinson who has an interesting link to Mello.

To get half price tickets, use the code MMStocko21 and enter it in the discount box https://melloevents.com/mellom... There are lots of interesting sessions and all annual pass holders and individual ticket holders will get sent the recordings 24 hours later once you have registered.

For a limited time, you can also get 10% of annual passes with the code APTEN.

The Programme for the evening is as follows:

6:00 pm Mello Welcome and News
6.05 pm Company presentation by Sosandar
6.45 pm Book reviews with Paul Smiddy and Roger Lawson
6.55 pm Company presentation by Sulnox
7.25 pm David Stredder interviews Chris Boxall from Investors Champion and Fundamental Asset Management
7.55 pm Company presentation by The Property Franchise Group
8.25 pm David interviews best selling author Hilary Robinson
8.40 pm Mello BASH with Chris Boxall, Kevin Taylor and Andrew Robinson

See you all there


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