Dr Somerville Hastings, President of the Socialist Medical Association, successfully proposed a resolution at the 1934 Labour Party Conference that the party should be committed to the establishment of a State Health Service.
Conservative MP and Health Minister, Henry Willink, first proposed the National Health Service in 1944 with the publication of a White Paper "A National Health Service" which was widely distributed in full and short versions as well as in newsreel by Henry Willink himself.
Regrettably it would appear that the NHS will struggle to continue in its current guise opening up opportunities for private companies.
Spire Healthcare (LON:SPI) is one such company and is finding the transition really difficult. Its share price last peaked at 411(P) September 2016 and will soon be falling towards £1 if this decline continues.
I may be missing something here, but for me this industry is in its infancy with potentially decades of growth ahead, maybe along the same lines as the NHS itself.
Does anyone have any views on Spire Healthcare (LON:SPI) or other companies set to benefit, or am I just missing something?

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