29 OCTOBER 2021

This is the sixth Stockopedia/PIWORLD StockSlam hosted by Damian Cannon. Of the 50 holdings pitched to date, they are collectively up 11.2%. September’s picks haven’t done much, in line with the choppy market. Since pitching, Tekcapital (LON:TEK) is up 211%! Renold (LON:RNO) +79%, and Cake Box Holdings (LON:CBOX) +58%. The dogs were Micro Focus International (LON:MCRO) , Novacyt Sa (LON:NCYT) , and Caledonia Mining (LON:CMCL) . (Damian is still positive about CMCL!).

The format, each ‘slammer’ has 3 minutes to ‘slam’ their stock followed by 3 minutes of audience questions. We have to award the most innovative ‘slam’ to Leo Investor who took the StockSlam to a new level of ingenuity! We are in no doubt what Thruvision (LON:THRU) does!

These are just ideas, remember the presenter probably is talking their own book. Please do your own research!

If you’d like to slam at a future StockSlam, please contact me via the PIWORLD contact page. These events are dependent on the ‘Slammers’.

Video & Podcast

00:20 Introduction by Damian Cannon
03:41 Driver (LON:DRV) – Damian Cannon
10:24 Crystal Amber Fund (LON:CRS) – Dee O’Hare
17:08 S&u (LON:SUS) – Lewis Robinson
23:30 Up Global Sourcing Holdings (LON:UPGS) – Mark Bentley
30:21 Rbg Holdings (LON:RBGP) – Jack Brumby
37:18 Pebble Beach Systems (LON:PEB) – James Nelson
44:13 Thruvision (LON:THRU) – Leo Investor
52:46 Mission (LON:TMG) – David Thornton
01:00:00 Marshall Motor Holdings (LON:MMH) – D’Arcy Andrews
01:06:35 Damian Cannon closing remarks

Thank you to all the ‘slammers’, it doesn’t happen without you!

The next Stockopedia/PIWORLD StockSlam is Wednesday 9th February, 6pm, please register via the events page.

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