Shorly after the end of trading each day there's a UT trade that goes through the market. From what I understand this is a kind of balancing trade and mops up unfilled buy and sell orders with a sort of auction process.

But what I'm wondering and what I hope some much more knowledgeable people on here will be able to tell me is - can we take anything from this UT trade?

One of the shares I'm following is Card Factory (LON:CARD) which I bought recently following a trading update where the share price fell much more than I felt was warranted. I bought a reasonable amount (a) for what I thought was a decent entry price and (b) for what I felt was a fairly safe and decent dividend.

So, I've had a decent bounce but is the UT trade telling me anything? Today, for instance, the SP had been up a little with not much volume but then the UT trade goes through a fair bit higher than the share had been trading at and with over 55% of the day's total volume.

Does it mean anything?

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