This is excellent news for the construction industry but as I have been a contributor to this site for four years, I am going to be upfront with you right from the start. The above statement is true but not without your help, no not money just a few minutes of your time. You will all appreciate that if we build three million homes it will ease, possibly remove, a huge problem for our children and grandchildren- everyone deserves a home of their own. The government are aware and obviously acknowledge the problem, but without your insistence they will once again kick the can down the road for years to come. Young people are struggling to get on the housing ladder and are being forced to rent, which in turn means those on the next tier, who are desperate for a home but can’t afford the rent must live in multi occupancy houses, where they stand in line for up to three hours to use the only kitchen to feed their kids. Finally, the minority who are not even close to the bottom rung, the homeless, reduced to begging and sleeping with one eye open for fear of being robbed of what little they have left. Please don’t stop reading--

If we build three million homes and with your help, we will, we also employ thousands of new apprentice joiners, builders, electricians’ plumbers and give a future to the kids who leave school with little prospects. The only cost to you is a few minutes to cut and paste or click the link below- then scroll down and add your name to the petition. But don’t stop there, just one more step, tell as many of your friends and acquaintances to sign as well. Three million signatures on a petition to shame the government, any government into action.

We on this site are experts at the power of compound interest so three million is a large number, only without our help, does it become an impossible one. If we don’t act neither will the government. So, do it, please. If you are interested in the detail you will find it using the link below. Do it and one day we will look back and say “we did that I was involved” somethings can give us greater satisfaction than just making money, how often…

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