AI (artificial intelligence) works by simulating human intelligence processes such as learning, reasoning and self-correction. Machines are able to learn from experience and are able to adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. They constantly improve in their ability to 'learn' from mistakes and change how they approach a given task the next time they try it.

AI is proving useful, and sometimes transformative in many sectors – healthcare, finance, education and entertainment. Some example of applications include Netflix using AI to track and analyse viewer watching habits and recommend shows relevant to the individual. Another example is the use of AI to make video games more challenging by studying how a player behaves. Home assistants such as Alexa and Siri also employ AI to make them work.

I have only started looking into AI and machine learning and have made little progress thus far. Some candidates that fall into this sector might be £prsm, £tpx, £alb. £jwng, £atqt, £ecsc, £ind, £renx, and £sens – I’m sure that there are many others out there. I think it goes without saying investing in the right AI company now could provide one with substantial rewards.

I'm hoping members with more knowledge of this sector will spare some time and comment to share their insights, and help me in my goal of identifying an AI company that that decide to invest in....

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