TOP 10 OF 2012
1 Alliance Trust (LON:ATST)
2 Murray International Trust (LON:MYI)
3 Personal Assets Trust (LON:PNL)
4 Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust (LON:SMT)
5 Edinburgh Investment Trust (LON:EDIN)
6 RIT Capital Partners (LON:RCP)
7 Merchants Trust (LON:MRCH)
8 Finsbury Growth & Income Trust (LON:FGT)
9 Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust (LON:TEM)
10 City of London Investment Trust (LON:CTY)

These figures come from sales figures on the Alliance Trust Savings platform, a platform savings business owned by the Alliance Trust investment trust. The platform is one of the easiest ways to invest in investment trusts as well as being one of the most popular so the figures give a good indication of the popularity of individual trusts.

This list is based on the gross inflows in each stock by Alliance Trust Savings customers, via their i.nvest platform. It should be noted that investors on Alliance Trust i.nvest platform can purchase Alliance Trust share free of dealing charges. This may support Alliance Trust’s high ranking on the list.

Please note none of what is written here is or should be taken as an endorsement or recommendation to invest in any of these trusts. You may wish to refer to’s Disclaimer for more information.

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