Trakm8 Holdings (LON:TRAK) give a well structured presentation with a very clear strategy for the future, by Ex Chair, Gp FD & COO.

Also, interestsing to see the demo video around 31mins, and the question towards the end discussing where Trakm8 Holdings (LON:TRAK) technology sits alongside Seeing Machines (LON:SEE).

John Watkins, Executive Chairman
Introduction, mission statement & values – 00:17

John Furber, Group Finance Director
Operational highlights of the year – 01:23
Financial highlights – 06:22
Transition to pure Telematics Provider – 10:56
Growth dynamics – 12:22
Recurring revenues – 14:37
Adj PTP tax bridge – 16:20
Cash generated from operations & debt bridge – 21:20
TRAK strategy for growth – 23:40

Mark Watkins, Chief Operating Officer
Operational Efficiency Strategy – 24:48
World Leading Technology Strategy – 28:30
The solutions: i. Trakm8 Prime – 30:08
ii. Data enrichment with video – incl. video demo – 30:56
iii. Insight – 30:05

John Watkins, Executive Chairman
Increasing market share strategy – 39:10
Ambition to have 1m connections by 2020 and capacity – 39:47
Why does 1m connections matter? (Margins, R&D & marketing spend, cash & working capital) – 42:07
Big ambition – what we propose to do – 44:44
Summary – 48:29

Q&A – 49:09
In context of 1m connection targets could you talk about your market share & competitive landscape? – 49:10
Would you put your broker forecasts on your website? – 50:19
Will R&D tax credits change with your new business strategy? – 51:38
Are there any further payments due, related to previous acquisitions? – 52:50
Why do you have to manufacture? – 53:09
How much work have you done on the needs eg. translation, to develop International sales? – 55:14
What’s the plan for electric vehicles and driverless cars? – 56:41
Do you buy in your cameras from eg. Seeing

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