I'm starting to looking into moving my SIPP from Hargreaves Lansdown and I wondered if anyone has any advice on where to, or any complication they experienced (fees, delays, general headaches, etc).

Reasons for considering the move are:

1) Customer Service - they are difficult to reach by phone or secure email. Always talking a few days turnaround by their secure message platform. Currently been waiting a week on a query.

2) Market access:

2.1) I have found they are slow to list new companies which have IPO'ed. Months not days.

2.2) I've had trouble in the past accessing dual listings where I have been unable to access a company via the primary or secondary listing due to their underlying platform (never really got an explanation I could understand, but could access both markets themselves)

2.3) Crypto access - they recently took the decision to stop the purchase of the XBT Tracker bitcoin fund. You can still hold it, just not purchase it. I found it useful to dip in and out of the crypto market, and now can no longer do so out of my SIPP (not to everyone’s tastes I know).

3) Platform stability - during the hectic market we had back in November I was effectively locked out and could barely trade. I noticed others reported problems via the SCVR forum, so was not alone. That cost me a fair chunk in delayed trade, with two good multi-baggers reduced to low double digit growth as I watch the prices collapse over hours not minutes.

4) Fees. I don't trade that frequently (once or twice a week on average) but would like to minimise these and also exchange rates as I have some fairly lumpy (for me anyway) US holdings.

I've been with them since I started my SIPP in 2007, so they are all I have experienced, and it is quite a big decision to make the jump elsewhere. Does anyone have good and bad experiences, or perhaps made the move elsewhere and found that the grass wasn't any greener? (for the record I only trade via my SIPP).

Appreciate any views/guidance on this.



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