Tullow is farming in to Centric Energy's block around Lake Turkana in northern Kenya.

"Centric Energy is very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Tullow Oil on the exploration of Block 10BA," said Alec Robinson, President & CEO of Centric Energy. "Tullow's success and expertise in a similar geological setting in Uganda will ensure that Block 10BA is explored using the most modern exploration technology and in accordance with recognized international environmental standards and principles. Centric Energy intends to participate fully with Tullow in the exploration program."

Block 10BA is strategically located within the East African Rift System which is enjoying increasing exploration interest and significant recent success, most notably in the Albertine rift in Uganda, 660 km to the west, which is considered to be the closest geological analog to the Tertiary basins underlying Block 10BA (source: Gustavson Associates, "Resource Evaluation Report, Centric Energy Corporation, Kenya Block 10BA").


Tullow will be reimbursing 50 percent of Centric Energy's acquisition costs, which total approximately $750,000, and will pay 80% of the first US$30 million of expenditures under the

As if they don't have enough to do!


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