Normally I would not touch a company like Twitter (TWTR), given that it continues to be loss-making. 

However, post the acquisition of Linkedin (LNKD) by  Microsoft (MSFT), I was intrigued, and feel that Twitter could be an excellent acquisition for either:

  1. an industrial player, who can perhaps properly monetise the Twitter social media platform and also take out some cost, or
  2. a financial investor like a private equity company, who can act as a brutal turnaround expert, cut costs and get Twitter into profitability by ruthlessly focusing investments on projects that can lead to profitable growth.

So I have just bought a position in Twitter (TWTR) at a smidgeon over $18 per share, with a stop-loss level set under 10% lower down.

The stock has clearly already fallen a long way from a recent peak near $25 to $18 on the back of news that potential suitors Google (GOOGL), (CRM) and Disney (DIS) are all pulling back from making a bid. 

But this article on is interesting in that it makes the case for a financial buyer to take Twitter over. 

Personally I think that one of the three industrial buyers above could renew their interest, now that the share price has returned to earth with a bump. 

Note that Twitter was IPO'd originally at a $26 share price, it retains around $2.50 per share in net cash (according to, is growing advertising revenues as of Q2 2016 at an 18% annual clip (yes, this is much lower than in previous quarters, admittedly). 

I think that a takeout price could eventually be around $24/share. 


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