The UK media has not tired of bombarding readers with news stories about the runaway nature of the London property market in particular, and the UK housing market in general, this year. As I have been looking to buy a bolt-hole in London, this strong price momentum has been particularly annoying, with properties literally flying off the shelves soon after being put up for sale.

This trend looks finally to be on the turn, despite continued reports of London seeing 19% price growth in the year to July, according to the Office for National Statistics. 

RICS Survey Points to Big Slowdown

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors' latest monthly survey for August highlights this London slowdown in a number of revealing charts (Figures 1-3):

1. Newly Agreed Sales Are Slowing Fast

2. New Buyers Are Cooling Their Interest Given High Prices

3. Particularly in London


European House Prices Hardly Advance

While UK house prices have gained 12% in the year to July, the latest Knight Frank Global House Price Survey reveals that European house prices overall have only gained 2% over the last 12 months, with certain markets such as Spain still seeing falling prices.  In fact in Europe, only Turkey (+14%) and Ireland (+12.5%) have seen faster house price growth than the UK. But remember, in the case of Ireland, that this rebound in house prices has only come after a terrible 50%+ fall in house prices during the Global Financial Crisis, a far cry from the UK situation today. 

Can we really expect the UK housing market to continue to march upwards, even as affordability ratios deteriorate rapidly and force ever more 20- and 30-year olds live at home for longer in order to try to save up a deposit? And what if the Bank of England decides to begin raising its base rate, even if only gently? This could have a further negative impact on affordability to add to this price growth. 

Seasonal Effects: Q4 is the Weakest Period of the Year for House Prices

I have looked at…

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