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"What would I buy today?"

Mark Slater then circled back to his stock picks, and zoomed in on his current favourites, as follows:


Entertainment One (ETO)

Film distributor

Peppa Pig is doing well

Single digit forward PER, unusual for growth company.

Shares held back by large Sep 2012 Placing.

Modestly geared.

Very low risk.

Benefitting from move online, e.g. NetFlix.


My comments:

I like this one, and the forward PER does indeed look good value for a growth company. I shall wait until the next set of results, due on 23 May 2013.


Huchison China Meditech (HCM)

Share price 541p - market cap £280m

"There's normally something wrong with overseas companies that want to List in the UK"

I couldn't have put it better myself, so I switched off and didn't take notes on this company, but mention it for completeness.


Alliance Pharma (LON:APH)

Share price 36p - market cap £90m

Last two years fairly quiet

Problems largely behind them now.

Buys up old drug rights cheaply.

On a PER of 10.5.

None of brokers have included any growth from acquiring new products.

Growth should actually be double-digit.


My comments:

Very impressive operating profit margin, so they have a lucrative niche. Once debt is factored in though, it looks reasonably priced to me, rather than particularly cheap.



Restore (LON:RST)

Share price 125p - market cap £142m

  • Document storage company
  • Cheaper for e.g. solicitors to securely store documents, than more expensive scanning.
  • Buys smaller companies.
  • Low PER of 10.8.
  • More deals likely.



Cineworld (LON:CINE)

Share price 278p - market cap £415m

Has 25% of the UK cinema market Resuming its roll-out, currently has 78 sites. Will add 4 new sites this year, and 5 each year thereafter. ROCE is 20%, so roll out makes commercial sense. Managing its estate well. Digitising screens, so they can be used for other purposes. 11% p.a. growth. PER is quite low at 11.8 Good dividend yield of 4.6%


My comments:

As with almost everything, the shares have had a good run, so the question is whether they are still good value? The PER looks reasonable,…

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