Gore Street Energy Storage Fund (LON:GSF) is an Investment Trust focused on providing battery storage capability for renewable energy supply principally in the UK but with ambitions to expand in Europe. It is currently listed but is seeking to raise additional funds through an IPO & subscription issue for existing shareholders. This might be a good opportunity to access a sector which will need massive growth if the country is to meet its targets for renewables by 2050. It would be interesting to hear what the Stockopedia community thinks about the prospects for £GSF. From my perspective the very attractive yield of 6-7% (not guaranteed but targeted) would suggest it could be a useful income vehicle but the extortionate ongoing management charge of 3,48% is a major negative, In a scenario where growth was 5% over 5 years the management charge would cream off more than 50% of the investment gain! Interested to know what people think about the investment opportunity.

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