Upgraded Folios - a round of updates to make tracking your investments easier

Wednesday, Sep 11 2019 by

Today we’re excited to roll out another round of updates to the new version of the Stockopedia site.

Most of the additions made over the past fortnight are to do with beefing up the Folios - our portfolio & watchlist system - which is packed full of neat features designed to take more of the administrative burden off your hands. What you have now is faster, clearer, and easier to use.

Here’s what’s new:

It’s easier than ever to enter Folio transactions

Portfolios can have hundreds or even thousands of transactions, so we’ve made it easier than ever to add these transactions into your Folio. Now:

  • Entering the number of shares and the total automatically calculates the price per share.
  • Entering the total dividend and the number of shares brings up the dividend per share.

What’s more, relevant transaction inputs now update automatically when you adjust the “total” field or other fields. If you use our portfolio software, these additions should save you quite a lot of time in the years ahead.


See your cash flows over time with the cumulative cash flow column

One function that should help you keep on top of your cash position is the cumulative cash flow column in the Transactions tab.


This handy column gives you a better impression of your cash flows over time. These cash flow figures remain constant as of point in time when sorting transactions (e.g. by date) or when filtering transactions.

Improved speed on desktop and laptop

We have tinkered with the Folios layout to reduce the amount of scrolling and speed up the experience for users on laptop and desktop.

The amount of empty space has been reduced, the valuation chart has been made smaller, and we have cut out a lot of white space on the gains table and the cash vs. equity breakdown.


Other improvements and bug fixes

Here are some additional improvements we have made to the site:

  • You can now see a stock’s full index membership in the Profile Summary of StockReport.

We’ve been out squashing bugs, as well. Here are a few of the notables:

  • Folios - we fixed an issue where the Style Analysis section struggled to load for larger portfolios.
  • Switching between the old and…

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27 Comments on this Product_update show/hide all

Jack Brumby Thu 9:27am 8 of 27

In reply to post #512231

Hi Nick, we're currently resolving an issue with the importer for Windows 10 users - I'll update when it's sorted.

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Melvyngd Thu 9:41am 9 of 27

I am unable to go to the SIF folio, when you click on it, it appears to open in the Today page with no sign of the SIF folio.

I like to check Rolands folio to see how its doing overall.

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Jack Brumby Thu 11:07am 10 of 27

In reply to post #512171

Hi Laughton, the Stockopedia default format is 29/01/2019. Is there any chance you could contact us through support with some more details and a screenshot of what you are seeing?

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Jack Brumby Thu 11:17am 11 of 27

In reply to post #512221

I don't have a timeline for this, Kennzo, but 'Folio Performance Reporting' is a card in the Product Roadmap section (under 'In the Backlog'). If you click the link, you should be able to vote for it as an important feature.

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Jack Brumby Thu 11:27am 12 of 27

In reply to post #512391

Fantasy Funds are not yet live in the new app, so for this functionality you'll need to switch to the old site. They are coming, though. There is a Fantasy Funds card you can vote on in the Product Roadmap section if you think this should be a high priority.

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dixonn Thu 12:03pm 13 of 27

I made some comments on the Roadmap section and I was asked to provide my email address and then told to confirm the details  from a confirmation email. The confirmation email never arrived!

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GrahamWade Thu 1:09pm 14 of 27

Love the new layout and features just want  to be able to see dividend income for the shares in my portfolio on a per share basis (whilst in the portfolio) to give me a combined growth/ income view.

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Edward Croft Thu 1:46pm 15 of 27

In reply to post #512376

Michael - we're planning on adding funds data... just not quite yet.  I really can't promise timelines, but funds/trusts are our #1 most requested data addition.  We've got a BIG backlog to work through.  The great thing is (and I hope we're showing it now) we're cranking through usability and feature updates on a regular pulse.  There should be some really great things to come on the new site before Xmas. 

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marowa Thu 9:56pm 16 of 27

Is there any way of adding funds to portfolios?  I can't monitor my whole portfolio as I can only load stocks.

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MartinJackson Thu 10:33pm 17 of 27

The copy screen new names do not display without F5 refresh and the display is too narrow to display the full names. The display width isn't adjustable.

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Jack Brumby Fri 9:26am 18 of 27

In reply to post #512676

Hi Marowa, Funds/trusts are our most requested data addition, so they will happen - but they're not in the near-term pipeline. We've got a lot of updates we should be able to get through at a decent clip now and that's where we are currently focusing our efforts.  

We'll keep everyone updated re. what's happening with these posts and via the 'Product Roadmap' area of the Learn section on the new site, so make sure to keep checking back.

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Lion Tamer Fri 12:35pm 19 of 27

Hello Jack

Great work on the updates to the new site. For example, the ability to enter dividends on the new site by total rather than per share had previously been one of my deal breakers, so many thanks :-)

A few comments on the new site... (I realise it is work-in-progress, so apologies if you already have these points in your sights)

1) Will you be reinstating the missing functions from the old portfolio "analysis" tab to the new site? Whilst the valuation charts have moved to the main portfolio screen, the other very useful sections seem to have been lost. Information such as the aggregate health and the ratios.

2) The removal of white space on the mobile site has helped, but I notice there is still a grey boarder to each side. Without this I would probably be able to see another column in my portfolio.

3) Also on the mobile site, I still can't pinch & zoom (using Android with either Lightening or Firefox).

3b) Also for some reason Android/Lightening does not change to desktop mode when I set the user agent to desktop mode. This is a shame as pinch & zoom works in desktop mode, which I can get with Android/Firefox. However with Android/Lightening, (and my desktop PC, Linux/Firefox) I can edit the URL from "www" to "app" allowing me to chose which pages to see on the old or new sites. However Android/Firefox does not play nicely if you edit the URLs in this way, with login boxes and redirections etc. Therefore Android/Firefox is not a work-round for me, so I guess I need to stay mainly with the old site a bit longer.

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John King Fri 2:52pm 20 of 27

It is of limited value for me because I only invest GBPs in Global non-UK ETFs and Euros in Germans Equities.

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Jack Brumby Fri 5:37pm 21 of 27

In reply to post #512876

Hi Lion Tamer,

Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear the Total transactions are useful!

Re. your first point,  Portfolio Analysis is very much on the agenda and we have a lot of exciting new things planned here. This kind of insight will be a core part of the value we provide for retail investors. Of course, we are also working hard to get the new site to feature parity as well.

I have fed your other points back to the Design team.



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Lizzy222 Sat 5:10pm 22 of 27

We need directors dealings included in the charts with amount purchased and volume just by clicking the stock chart like Hargreaves and Lansdown have on there platform

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schomosport Sat 11:06pm 23 of 27

Cumulative cash flow is of little interest to me and when I filter transactions by an individual equity then the cumulative cash flow per transaction are just quantities at whatever the date the transaction was in time and offers no useful information.
I still await the return of the cumulative sum of transactions by equity as still exists within the old screen. For example I have 20 transactions related to IMB since 2013 and when I go to the transactions screen what I need to know is what my cumulative cost is in time which I can then quickly compare with the current value of the holding to determine profit or loss. Was/is my investment in this share a success or a failure? I cannot believe that there are not more people complaining about this absence. Maybe I am missing an alternative way of doing this. OK it is easy enough to C&P to Excel but it takes more time.
Sorry, came and viewed the recently heralded improvements and got fed up after 10 minutes and went back to the old screen. I shall be truly sorry when it goes.

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Laughton Sun 11:23am 24 of 27

In reply to post #513221

Afraid I agree with you schomosport. Surely the whole point of a new site is to make operations quicker and simpler - not suddenly having to use additional clicks, time downloading to Excel to manipulate data to a format that it was available on the original site.

I don't access the site via a mobile or tablet and from previous comments I gather that the new site is a much better view when done so. Maybe that's the way things are bound to go in the modern age.

The view of the new site isn't nearly as good on the fairly large screen of my desktop.

Obviously the "old" site will go eventually and, when it does, on current experience I shall be following.

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DanielRudd Sun 3:28pm 25 of 27


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marowa Sun 8:07pm 26 of 27

In reply to post #512766

Thanks Jack for getting back to me quickly.  Would there also be the possibility in the future to add other types of financial instruments to the portfolios too e.g gilts and corporate bonds for example?  So you could assess a complete diversified portfolio contaning all investments?

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J Sala Mon 1:25pm 27 of 27

agree with some of my peers critiquing the new site ... while I understand it takes time to adapt to it,  I see the new layout over-indexing on the visuals and cosmetics items. 

I would expect net new functionality features (ie. having ETFs/IT/funds reports, backtesting, 10y reports) and not seeing removed existent ones (ie valuation tools such us EPV, DFC, etc). 

I want to be a wiser investor consuming your insights, the cosmetics changes are just table stakes! 

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