I have just been reading Phillip Oakley's 13 page article (Alpha screens yesterday - Inv. Chronicle 14th August) in which he convincingly - to my mind at least - says that Value investing  can become a value trap!  I have used this filter  (Value/Momentum stocks) as a guide to stock selection.

Not sure what to do now!  Would it be better to use your Quality/Momentum  guide instead and not to place too much importance on value (or as simplistically implied, bargain pricing)?

I have also tried researching Closed End Investment Trusts - it seems you sometimes give details of your in-depth findings  not others.

Also ex-divi dates and divi payment dates would be very welcome - saving me toggling back and forth to the HL site.

I  am a newbie and ask would the dividend  % age quoted on any given FUND be before or after charges eg. a spot yield shown as (say) 6% be more like 4% after deducting the HL and Fund on-going `charges  performance fees etc.    At least HL are very open about a given fund's total  fees.

finally is there a recent down load which may cover some of these issues?

Stockopedia is by far the best stock assisting  site I have come across.  I also subscribe to Simply Wall Street And The Motley fool. but they at best only offer another check.  Indeed I wonder how the "graphically pretty" SWS can be kept up-to-date and summaries such as "6 star dividend payer" really stack up - haven't come across any three or four or five star dividend payers yet!


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