Concentrate_loading.jpgVane Minerals announced today the appointment of their new COO, Kris Hefton and its operational strategy for 2010. Hefton, previous head of the VANE uranium division, will inherit overall responsibility for all operational and technical activities concerning VANE's exploration and production, including the Diablito Mine (Mexico), copper exploration (USA) and uranium exploration (USA).

VANE Minerals was incorporated in April 2002 as a minerals exploration and development company primarily focused on defining and developing projects generated from the review of the Freeport Data Bank and from contacts of the Directors and their associates. VANE Minerals plc was admitted to AIM in 2004. Since then VANE has acquired an Uranium Portfolio in the US and built up a portfolio of projects, covering strata-bound deposits in Utah and the breccia pipe projects in Northern Arizona.

Based on his achievements developing the US uranium portfolio, Hefton was appointed as COO, responsible for a number of operational priorities for 2010 including uranium projects in Colorado and South Arizona, gold and silver projects in Mexico and Porphyry Copper exploration in the US. Mr. Hefton holds a degree in geology from the University of Texas at Austin. 

Steve Van Nort, VANE's CEO commented: 

"Kris Hefton has been working closely with the company for 5 years and as a Director since April 2008. His move to Chief Operating Officer brings a wealth of experience in both the uranium and base and precious metals sectors, [...] giving him solid depth of experience with relevance to all VANE operations. Kris's extensive operational and exploration experience will be invaluable in the development of our portfolio and will enable us to expedite our strategic plan for 2010".

The operational strategy for 2010 covers the principal VANE sites: the Uranium division in the Southern Arizona strip, the Coyote Basin in Colorado, Silver and Gold exploration in Mexico and the Porphyry Copper Projects in Arizona. 

At the Uranium site in Southern Arizona, the priorities for 2010 are to finalize the Wate pipe, complete the pre-feasability  study on the Wate breccia pipe and apply for a Mineral Lease from the State of Arizona. Once the Environmental Impact study is completed, covering targets in the Kaibab National Forest, VANE also expect to initiate drilling to determine the economic potential of the area.  Arizona Senators and the Governor of Arizona have apparently stated their support…

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