Hello, I am looking to reduce dealing costs and have been researching various ISA providers - iWeb look very cheap on the face of it £100 one off charge then £5 per trade - however - I was going through the shares they trade in to check that I could "transfer-in" my current shares from current provider and I noticed that their spread seems quite big.

Solid State (LON:SOLI) for example has a buy price of £9.20 and sell price of £8.70 - I had maybe naively assumed that the spread would be the same across all providers that have a custody charge but this doesn't seem to be the case - and it makes finding the best value providers much less straightforward.

I am running a "NAPS" type portfolio so should only have 40 trades per year max - I don't know whether its worth the hassle of switching providers if the face value can be skewed by these wider spreads. Currently with Fidelity who are great but not the cheapest (£10 per trade, 0.35% custody charge).

Does anyone know of a comparison site that somehow factors in spread variation to account charges, or of a cheap provider with tight spreads?



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