This is now updated for results out 17/5/22.

Results Presentation Wednesday 25th 16 00 on IMC. To register: https://www.investormeetcompan...

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To repeat what I have added as a comment:

Results from Venture Life (LON:VLG) this morning after long delay due to staffing problems at Grant Thornton.

Adjusted EPS 4.65p substantially ahead of forecast 2.56p giving a p/e of 7.5 at yesterday's close of 35p.

The outlook based on order book ahead of last year is good but modified by "The supply chain issues experienced in 2021 are expected to continue for some time for all businesses, and we have put in place strategies and procedures with both our suppliers and customers to address these. However, the current level of supply chain disruption is unprecedented and cannot be underestimated; our supply chain team is reacting daily to its changes".

Key to increased profitability is the substantial spare capacity at the factories in Bosisio Parini, north of Milan, and Gnesta, Sweden. Any acquisition where manufacturing is transferred there or third party manufacturing agreement would share overheads.

New Chair announced today sounds very experienced.

There could be life in this dog yet! (Yesterday's close 35p one thrd of 12m high). Paul's mate Paul Hill comments here that:

"Finally wrt valuation, at 35p the stock trades on an extremely cheap 5.4x 2022 EBITDA compared to typical OTC consumer firms at often >15x. Plus in Jan’22, Unilever offered GSK £50bn (equivalent to 20x EBITDA) for its much bigger, yet slower growing consumer healthcare division".


In addition  Paul Hill has done another good Q&A with the CEO and CFO teasing out a little more in the direction the company is headed. Highly recommended:

What has received less attention is the appointment of the new Chair - someone with much relevant experience. I can't help but think that Judith McKenzie was at work behind the scenes here - listen to her talk about the need for checks and balances  - CLICK HERE


Below is the original post starting with the 2020 results.


Firstly, as prompted by Tamzin last week, here is David Thornton (Editor & Owner of Growth Company Investor) talking about VLG in December -click here.

Results were announced on Thursday 25/3 and can be found…

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