Judith MacKenzie and other fund managers talk through the Downing Strategic Micro-Cap IT, specifically it's holdings in Adept Telecom (LON:ADT), Gama Aviation (LON:GMAA) and Real Good Food (LON:RGD). Giving an investment managers view on these companies and their management, and why the Downing Strategic Micro-Cap IT has them in their portfolio.

Plus interesting Q&A from the audience.


Presented by Judith Mackenzie, Head of Public Equity at Downing LLP, with Nick Hawthorn and James Lynch.
Disclaimer – 00:06
Hugh Aldous, Chairman, opening remarks – 00:17
Judith MacKenzie, Lead Fund Manager, introduction – 00:32
Annual review – 03:18
The micro-cap market – 04:43
The team – 05:34
Portfolio review – 06:10
Real Good Food – 07:17
Gama Aviation (presented by Nick Hawthorn) – 16:34
AdEPT (presented by James Lynch) – 23:38
Hargreaves Services – 31:57
Q&A – 35:00
Synetics – 40:30
Summary – 42:28
Hugh Aldous, Chairman, closing remarks – 44:37

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