This interview gives insight to Leon's criteria for stock selection, and how he's achieved a 44% return ytd, as at November 2017.

Leon very generously talks about his returns over the last 25 years and what that experience has taught him.

Leon goes into the detail of his stock selection, portfolio weighting including cash levels. He gives examples of stocks that conform to his selection criteria - including of course his beloved Bioventix (LON:BVXP), together with those picks that don't conform, but why they are there, such as PV Crystalox Solar (LON:PVCS). We learn more of his investing style, whether he trades as well as invests, and what prompts him to sell.

He closes on the advantageous position of the private investor - and whether someone without his experience, can hope to get the same returns ... or will they one day be able to outsource to him, with a Boros Fund? ...

c. 40 mins

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