Veltyco Group (VLTY) ShareSoc presentation February 2018

Presentation by Marcel Noordeloos, CFO
Gillies Ohana, NED
c. 30 mins

Introduction by CFO – 00:25
Introduction & overview of business by NED – 01:45
Overview of the brands – 05.18 – the market opportunity – 06:29
An attractive business model – 09:00
Growth strategy and recent trading – 10:55
Summarising the investment proposition – 11:51
Financials: P&L – 12:39
Trading update figs 5.2.18 – 13:25
Other highlights – 13:49
Board of Directors – 14:05
Share price since admission to AIM June 16 – 14:22

What’s the revenue split between the verticals? And, there’s a large receivable outstanding in the last set of accounts, could you explain? – 15:15
What impact would banning binary options have on your business? – 17:08
What is the VLTY competitive advantage? How do you mitigate regulatory risk? What’s VLTY’s relationship with – 18:04
Who do VLTY advertise with and if they impose price increases, doesn’t that affect VLTY profitability? – 19:57
What’s the size of the eSport betting market size? Are there any forecast on growth of that market? Do VLTY have quasi monopoly on eSports betting? – 21:45
What are VLTY doing to act ethically within the gaming industry? – 24:20
What do the eight employees do? – 26:00

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