I attach the video of the event . http://www.lse.ac.uk/GranthamInstitute/event/public-lecture-investors-need-know-technology-climate-change-race-lives/

Jeremy Grantham is an English economist who became a legendary fund manager in the States . He is best known for steering his funds successfully through several crises such as the internet stocks bubble and the Japan slowdown. He successfully identified stock market 'bubbles' and kept his clients money clear of the resultant crashes. He has recently established the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment in 1997 followed by several other climate research institutes.

He made the following points of interest to investors
-The costs of solar and wind and battery storage will soon be less than the best nuclear or coal fired plant.
- He would not be invested in chemical or fossil fuel companies in the future as he feels there will be many law suits regarding the misrepresentation of their products and the damage they cause
- He feels you can divest from fossil fuels without damaging investment returns
- Through the Grantham Institute he has invested in a number of companies working on new technology for environmental benefit. He mentioned Indigo Agriculture as an example
- At slide 36 of the slides PDF there is a model portfolio for an ordinary investor in the future.
- He feels that capitalists won't work on the environmental issues he raises unless regulated.

Thanks to the Stocko reader who originally posted the lecture details!

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