Typical black swan story of emissions scandal has rocked Volkswagon AG's share price and admittedly they've had to fork out billions in fines and compensation but does this warrant a share price less than half of that prior to the emissions scandal. It doesn't take much digging to confirm that Volkswafon AG is a quality company with masses of revenue generating assets not to mention consumer finance (which makes debt look high). Does nobody think they will regain the share value they had mid 2015 within the next 4 years I.e a 25% annual increase on average? I do especially with the possibility of the ID Buzz (new camper van) not to mention thier diversified portfolio of great car brands. I may be completely wrong but all I've learned reading the books about the great investors points me towards Volkswagon AG. At less than 0.5 price to book value Im going to go with what I think is the right thing to do. Am I missing something?

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