This had started as a different top 5-10(ish) profile, but my brain got to a different point.

I am responsible for managing my mum’s pension. Which is now all held within ISA structure through Halifax Share Dealing. After inheriting a bit of a mess from her broker, with who knows what bought when, lots of issues with Capital Gains and why was it not all in ISA?!? Then going through a very torrid last year, I did sell up completely but not until mid-February, and it is not easy to tell your mum you are 20+% capital down on which she relies on a basic drawdown strategy for her lifestyle. Then add in that my low point was not the markets in March 2020 but July 2020, went back in but wrong things at the wrong time and very nervous on the volatility.

Moving on.

As part of rebuilding, I bought smallish 2% starter stakes in Warehouse Reit (LON:WHR), Impact Healthcare Reit (LON:IHR) and Supermarket Income Reit (LON:SUPR) in July 2020 to get exposure to property in areas I felt had long term viability and reasonable strength to hold capital value, as well as ~5% income which I was reasonably confident in. I then doubled up to 4% stakes in September

Knowing a reasonable amount about the availability and demand on prime quality distribution hubs, through peripheral involvement with the likes of Gateway 45 Gateway 45, Leeds, West Yorkshire | Harworth Group plc, Leeds City Council, Derbyshire, Sheffield City Council, through the likes of Harworth (LON:HWG) and Henry Boot (LON:BOOT) and others in a previous work role. So I felt that I knew enough to be confident that there was a limited availability versus demand for good quality and well-located warehousing, in addition there is limited landbank or approved zoning going forward.

So moving forward to now, I have a received an income since purchase of 3.4% so tick against the objective

I have also received a capital growth of 34% so BIG TICK

But the evaluation has to be, if I look against the purchase cost then the income forecast of 5.6% rising to 5.8% in 2022 still counts as a hold for the checklist

But if I look against the current book value, then the income forecast of 4.39% 2021 does…

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