I have list of Best preferred stocks for weekly investment review, as per the criteria below, we could go on a friendly competition.

Here are the principles.

1. We would like to buy quality stocks which are safe under the magic formula.

Would like to invest in companies with market cap above 10000 Million or 1000 Cr INR.

2. Most preferable high quality stocks with a magic formula above 7 stars, with market capitalisation above 30000 Million INR or 3000 crores INR only.

3. Broker recommendations with at least a atlest 10% to 30% PLUS upside.

4. Preferably we do not like to go against the market.

5. Only buying CNC and NO short selling

6. When we feel that the markets are going down we would like to completely stay out of the market and remain in hundred percent cash.

7. Stocks which have a graph of upside of 5 to 10% in the past month and a graph of downside less than 3% in the past month.

8. Would like to invest in maximum of 5 companies at anytime from the selected list of 20 companies.

9. Would like to have a revolving screener around 20 quality safe stocks which has weekly momentum and which has a magic formula star of 7 plus.

Any experts here please let me know the best strategy and if possible the preferred stocks.

We have also mentioned the downside of 3%.

 Bullish market minimum target- Overall target will be around 50 to 100 % PLUS per annum if the market is bullish by 10 to 20%.

Bearish market minimum target-  10 to 20% PLUS if the market is bearish by 10 to 20%

I have list of preferred stocks, we could go on a friendly competition to work out the best Returns, reviewed every week, over a 1 year period ;)

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