Warning: I have no idea what's going to happen. Don't take any of this as advice. DYOR and thinking etc

Repeat after me:

"There are only two options

1) Debt deflation driven depression

2) Something else"

The above should play like a catchy crap song in your subconscious. Do and think whatever else you like but keep this soundtrack playing.

Data and rationality will inexorably take you to option 1. Inexplicably, option 2 is the right answer...well inexplicable if you're trying to construct a case based on charts and data looking back at history for clues that is. A very rational thing to do but quite close to useless right now. I love Stockopedia but I also point out that their scoring algorithms may be vulnerable to misfiring too (as are any screens no matter how sophisticated). 

So, what's 'something else'? Er, dunno. But it is definitely the option that's going to play out.

Honestly, I'm not trolling you (well most of you)...this is the clearest view possible right now. Anything macro and market related that doesn't follow this simple insight is wrong and quite possibly hubris and ego. Everyone's got their thing and bit of history they've read and understood and they tend to get hung up into it, particularly when stuff gets a bit crazy. Be very careful with your thing right now.

Take my astounding inshite above and apply it to all thoughts you have. Option 1 will keep on trying to suck you in to its intellectually beguiling gravity....fight it hard! Shake it right out, all traces of it. If you use it to inform or handicap your thoughts and risk taking in any way it will just weigh you down. It is the road to nowhere, An impossible destination. 

Option 2 is unsatisfactory. Intellectually inexact and lacking in wholesomeness. Its got no proof for it. Emotionally you are going to fight 2 and take a strange depressive comfort in 1. WRONG! Always hum the tune and choose  option 2 and expunge option 1 thoughts...option 1 is an unreality and reality that is a version of impossibility.

Its going to be choppy. Its going to feel uncomfortable. I've got thoughts on what option 2 is likely going to be but that's not the important thing. The important thing is to fight the pull of option 1 in your mind.

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