Westminster Plc: Boom Times Ahead from New Record Book?

Thursday, May 12 2011 by

Westminster group has been a dog of a stock since listing. Todays stock price,11/05/11 reflects that view.[16p at the open]. Last years results[out within the next 3 weeks] will show yet another huge loss. The city puts it at around £2m.

The stockmarket is all about looking out, for growth and profit. A kid of 3 can tell you that if orders go through the roof,while at the same time fixed costs stay the same, investors are on to a winner.

This stock should do very well, priced to go bust today, could turn out to be a real star as the directors and staff are about to be rewarded for all their hard work.


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Westminster Group PLC is a security and services company. The Company's principal activity is the design, supply and ongoing support of technology security solutions and the provision of long term managed services, consultancy and training services. It operates through two divisions, which include Managed Services and Technology. Its Managed Services division is focused on long term recurring revenue managed services contracts, such as the management and running of complete security solutions in airports, ports and other such facilities, together with the provision of ferry services, manpower, consultancy and training services. Its Technology division is focused on providing technology led security solutions encompassing a range of surveillance, detection, tracking, screening and interception technologies to governments and organizations across the world. The Company's subsidiaries include Westminster International Limited and Longmoor Security Limited. more »

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MrT 13th May '11 10 of 49

Harryr,  can your performance be sustained over the long term or are you just lucky? Why not prove how good you are by running a fund

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djpreston 13th May '11 11 of 49

Quite right Fangorn.

Shame Harry doesn't want to actually put some meat into his posts so at least people can see where he's coming from.

Ah well.


Fund Management: European Wealth
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harryr 13th May '11 12 of 49

The point of my posts is this. The only reason investors invest is to make money.

A street market trader buys his apples at say 10p each and sells them for 15p [prior to them going bad.]

The three stocks i posted have made out of this world profits. in a very short timeframe.

They did this due to the fact their valuation was wrong at the time i posted.

Two more stocks that have the wrong valuation today are WSG and PFO.

WSG has orders comming out of its ears, and as overheads stay about the same profits can pour in.

PFO is on a pe of under 2 while the market is on a pe of 10 - 12.

If a house in your road was put on the market at 1/3 of others you would buy it within half an hour, yet with stocks investors go looking for a rat.

The fact is 9 times out of ten, there is no rat. That guy Guy Thomas has just put out a new book to show investors just how huge profits have, and are being made by some while most just tip cash down the drain.

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harryr 13th May '11 13 of 49

Why have i not started a fund.??

Starting a fund is 100% what i would NOT want to do.

I could not hack just one stupid meeting, where all the managers talk crap .

Take a look at the real winners from the markets, they do not think like the other 98% the very reason they have an edge.

Making money from stocks is very,. very easy.

One needs to buy what others have dumped,[ after the company itself has told investors all is fine.]

WSG AND PFO have both done that in the last month.

Next you need super fast growth , to reduce risk.

Bingo, 5, 10 and 50 baggers then flow all from a tiny base.

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harryr 13th May '11 14 of 49

As requested more research on WSG.

Record order book that is i understand more than 3.5 times what they did in the last reported 6 months.

Company has told shareholders the company will be transformed this year[ based on these new orders.]

Middle East is their market just where things have kicked off in their line of work [yet more orders.

New shareholder bought in late last year, £1M quid at 25p.[share price tonight 19p]

Very low market cap, with order book set to grow very fast indeed.

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nigelpm 13th May '11 15 of 49

In reply to djpreston, post #11

Shame Harry doesn't want to actually put some meat into his posts so at least people can see where he's coming from.

Given his posts on this thread:


and a complete (and I mean COMPLETE) lack of understanding of the very basics of stock valuation, markets, EPS, restatements and prudence I'm glad he doesn't post sense to be honest. It could be dangerous.

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harryr 14th May '11 16 of 49

Nigelpm, thanks for your remarks.

My track record is on Stockopedia.

400%, 100% and 30% over 6 months.

Then you tell me i have no understanding of shares[

I see big lump in todays FT on one of those stocks,IDG .

That company was valued at half todays price when i posted.

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nigelpm 14th May '11 17 of 49

In reply to harryr, post #16

Nigelpm, thanks for your remarks.

My track record is on Stockopedia.

400%, 100% and 30% over 6 months.

Then you tell me i have no understanding of shares[

I see big lump in todays FT on one of those stocks,IDG .

That company was valued at half todays price when i posted..

6 Months

6 months!!

Any monkey can double their money in 6 months. Try 10 years or more.

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harryr 14th May '11 18 of 49

Sorry, are you saying in the last year you have posted just 3 stocks and to date those 3 have done 400% 100% and 30% for the stock held for six months.?

I do not think so.

I see you are an accountant, just the type of person who in my mind will never find 10, 20 or 50 baggers.

I have had 4p to £9.50 and 2p to £1.50.

Yet you are of the view i do not know how to value stocks.

Re PFO it is on a pe of 2 and over the next few weeks months it will be shown to be yet another stock that is today miss priced by you and the market.

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Murakami 14th May '11 19 of 49

Let's keep this discussion on-topic. The thread is about Westminster Plc. Any more off-topic posts will be moderated. 

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harryr 14th May '11 20 of 49

My past record.

One shareholder “hugged and kissed me” at the company’s Aug. 3 annual meeting, Chief Executive Officer Klas Nilsson, 69, said in an interview in The Lancasters’ model apartment. The grateful investor bought 10,000 pounds ($16,000) of Northacre stock when it languished at 2 pence, an investment that was worth 612,500 pounds at yesterday’s closing price.

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harryr 14th May '11 21 of 49

More on WSG to come in the next day or two

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harryr 15th May '11 22 of 49

Yet again my research pionts to WSG shares moving off its low base very fast.

Please read the trading statement from the company, dated DEC 10.

The company states that funds from Sudan will hold the fort till Sep 2011 WITHOUT ANY NEW ORDERS IN THE FIRST NINE MONTHS OF 2011.

Next read last weeks new contract news.

The company says new orders so far this year are £11.7M.

Now add the Sudan orders [two of them,] onto the 2011 order book and you get over £15M. These come from previous years.

If ALL of the orders from now till the end of the year are rolled into next year, it would leave the £15M for this year.

The company has in my view done around £5M of T/O in 2010 with a large overhead base being used to win orders.

In 2011 that T/O will jump to £15M or more ie 3 times.

As T/O jumps the loss turns into a tax free profit and a lot of it.

You can read all about it in your daily paper in 18 months time as those results come through.

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harryr 26th May '11 23 of 49

"Shares" out today , show this stock as a buy..

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harryr 27th May '11 24 of 49

  • WSG has cash due from the Sudan contract of up to $7.4M.[see Shares Mag out yesterday]
  • They have also had new orders from the 01/01/2011 of £11.7M.
  • The last half year they reported T/O of £2.7M.
  • Growth in T/O is about to go through the roof.
  • That growth should produce large profits for this tiny £4M pound company.
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kramch 27th May '11 25 of 49

One wonders how they are going to fund this massive increase in turnover or will the Sudanese etc be paying up front? K.

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harryr 27th May '11 26 of 49

Funds come from the orders in Jan that have in the most part been delivered in the first half,plus the ongoing cash from day to day order intake.

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harryr 27th Jun '11 27 of 49

New contract win today plus AGM tomorrow, note also the new investor going over 3%.

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harryr 28th Jun '11 28 of 49

New FO should see this company win back the city,plus all staff are being bought on board with up to 10% of the shares.

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harryr 2nd Jul '11 29 of 49

Market Cap just £4.7M, brokers forecast for a £1.7M profit for this year.! with £2.3M for next year.= a pe of 2.

New contract wins on company web page in the last 3 days, but not put out on the LSE newswire.

Orderbook now 4 times last years t/o.

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