As we've been researching our new book on dividend investing (PDF available here), we've been scouring the Internet looking for the best sources of income investing inspiration. Here's the very best of what we've found. You might be surprised to find us recommending anywhere other than Stockopedia's screening & research centre, but we're big believers in reading as widely as possible (and leveraging the power of the Web), following Charlie Munger's words of counsel: 

"In my whole life, I have known no wise people (over a broad subject area) who didn’t read all the time – none, zero... You’d be amazed at how much Warren [Buffett] reads – and how much I read."

Please feel free to add further resources that we've missed in the comments below... 

Dividend Investing Blogs

There is a growing number of high quality investment blogs. In the UK, the best blogs are mostly value-focused (e.g. Richard Beddard of Interactive Investor). The best dividend blogs tend to be North American but they are well worth reading, especially: 

  • The Dividend Guy Blog ( - Dubbed as "one guy’s journey to passive income through dividend investing", this is a popular US stock idea & analysis blog that has been around since 2005.
  • Dividend Growth Investor ( - Set up in 2008, this blog shows how one investor has implemented the dividend growth strategy and is a useful source of stock ideas.
  • Dividend Growth Stocks, previously DividendsValue (  - A blog/site dedicated to the process of identifying superior dividend investing using a value-based approach. He also writes as Dividends4Life.
  • Div-Net ( - This is an aggregation site and investor network set up by various bloggers which is focused on dividend investing.
  • Disciplined Investing ( This is the blog of David Templeton and Horan Capital Advisors. It covers a range of topics, including macro, but there’s some good dividend coverage in there.

Other useful North American blogs include Dividend Ninja (, Dividend Monk (,Dividend Maven ( and Passive Income Earner (

The UK Dividend blogging scene is still a bit more…

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