let me firstly say I'm hoping we can keep this away from politics, no need to qualify your response by saying which side of the coin your on, just an investment focused discussion. everyone has become so entrenched on their side of the argument that conversations on this subject seem to deteriorate quickly

my question is this
'if hypothetically speaking for whatever reason we end up staying in the EU as a full member whats likely to happen from a financial perspective'

we've seem a big drop in GBP as a result of the referendum, which in turn saw the ftse 100 fly.
would there be a complete reversal, could the pound quickly recover to previous levels or would it take decades, would there be a sudden influx of investment propping up the ftse, and flooding into property, does a high flying pound automatically mean a falling ftse 100, would changing our mind damage our credibility and lose us trust

until we're actually out and its done and dusted it seems sensible to work through these questions and think where would you put your money

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