What is your Coca Cola company for the next 30 years?

Monday, Jun 11 2012 by

Buffet's 50% yield

One of Buffett's most famous long-term holdings is his 8.9% stake in The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO). The $15bn shareholding is Buffett's company Berkshire Hathaway's largest holding and most of it dates back to 1988, when Berkshire spent $1bn to acquire a 6.2% stake at an approximate cost, adjusted for splits and dividends, of $3.75 per share.

Back in 1988, Coke shares offered a yield of 4% -- decent, but not amazing. Since then, the company has maintained its 50-year unbroken record of annual dividend increases. The result is that in 2011, the dividend payout was $1.88, providing Buffett with a massive 50% yield on his original investment.


CompanyMay 2002
share price
2002 yield
on cost
2011 yield
on cost
British American Tobacco (LSE: BATS) 793p 1.4% 15%
SSE (LSE: SSE) 679p 4.8% 11%
Vodafone (LSE: VOD) 118p 1.3% 7.5%
Tesco (LSE: TSCO) 246p 2.5% 6.0%
Unilever (LSE: ULVR) 1,396p 1.5% 5.6%
BAE Systems (LSE: BAE) * 371p 2.5% 5.1%
Diageo (LSE: DGE) 856p 2.8% 4.7%
GlaxoSmithKline (LSE: GSK) * 1,477p 2.7% 4.7%
HSBC (LSE: HSBA) * 830p 4.0% 3.1%
Average yield: - 2.61% 6.97%




It would be interesting to hear what companies fellow investors would choose to Invest in for the next 30 years.

If there was one company you could choose to Invest in over a 30 year period which would it be and why?

This is not an easy question to answer, it requires a lot of thought and it is very difficult to try and work out what will happen in the next few weeks let alone the next 30 years!

I recognise that none of us our Buffett & we probably should'nt invest like him given the advantages we have as private investors.

I personally prefer to just Buy and Hold, it is more cost effective as you don't constantly pay stamp duty and broker fees. Also I think the less decisions one has to make more often then not the better of they are & I am a strong believer that doing nothing MOST of the times is the right course of action.

Looking back over the last month what was the fuss all about with Soco going to around £2.50ish....

The reality is markets will always move, stocks will always go up and down. The trick is are you smart enough to asses the value of a share as well as a reasonable foresight to see where the future lies for a company and then have the patience to see out the value?


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harryr 14th Nov '12 28 of 47

For super growth your company needs an edge, it also wants to be valued as if it has no edge when you buy.
Thus you buy at the right price, not on a pe of 40 a few years later.

Publishing Technology has developed a digital portal, to be managed by CNPIEC, to link international publishers to more than 10,000 Chinese public and academic member libraries. The two partners hope that more than a million different content sources will be accessible on the site in the next two years.

CNPIEC handles more than 60 percent of the publications imported into China and more than 30 percent of those exported.

Publishing Technology plc is valued by the market at £10M pounds it has eight offices around the world and is market leader in the software it sells.

For the life of me I do not understand why it takes the city an age to see what is infront of their eyes.

Coca Cola here we come.

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harryr 16th Nov '12 29 of 47

Slough based consumer goods giant Reckitt Benckiser has launched a 1.4bn-dollar (882m-pound) counterbid for US nutrition specialist Schiff Nutrition International, with the tender offer beginning today.

At $44 per share that constitutes 27% more than German conglomerate Bayer's own £693m ($1.1bn) offer announced last month and a 24% premium over the closing price of Schiff's shares last night

Yet one more reason I would not like to be a shareholder in RB.

I understand RB have pulled off a few smart deals in the past, however paying way over to get rid of others is plain daft.

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eggbaconandbubble 20th Nov '12 30 of 47

Harry, Your missive on the Soco BB has been marked 'Reported for Disruptive Behaviou' !!!
Bit strong don't you think?

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harryr 20th Nov '12 31 of 47

I see HP has just slashed $8.5BN off the UK FTSE 100 company it bought around a year ago for $10BN.
Just like the Banks, Blue chips often turn to brown chips.

The name of the game with investing is to start low with a tiny company.

My next Coca Cola is Publishing Technology PLC .

Check this out : Google search:

Publishing Technology Launches in China youtube.

The clip above has been seen just 140 times [5 times by me.!]

PTO is valued at £10M

The broker to the company has £660,000 profit for the year ending Dec12.

The FD has just bought a large lump of stock.


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harryr 22nd Nov '12 32 of 47

This is from ten years ago when my next "Coca Cola share" share Publishing Technology PLC was known by its old name Ingenta.

It is a broker report from Old Mutual Securities.


2002E £24.7M £3.5M

2003E £45.8M £15.9M

The forecast was a million miles out.

However, note the huge projected jump in profits of £24M from 2002 to 2003.

Todays Shares Magazine describes software companies as having little need for fixed assets or production equipment and should generate dollops of cash.

Publishing Technology plc has after 12 years arrived at this tipping point.

If one takes time to read the accounts you will see turnover has only just started to move upwards in the last 6 months, after being flat for the last 5 years.

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harryr 29th Nov '12 33 of 47

Publishing Technology PLC is my next Coca Cola. Market Cap £10M

China needs the digital software that Publishing Technology has, it is new and world class.

Can you see the link?

The Chinese want to get their libraries on line fast. It is a short cut to growth.
Publishing Technology has also done a deal with China All. [not the deal listed below] A publisher with huge market share, one of the very few if any , who pay a fee to the author.
The chinese will be able to keep a strict eye on content as well.

LONDON | Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:15pm BST

LONDON (Reuters) - China is actively looking at buying into European publishing companies as part of its strategy to raise the country's cultural profile, a senior official said on Tuesday.

Tan Yue, president of China Publishing Group Corp (CGPC), said his company wanted to expand its editing, printing and distribution interests either by buying such businesses directly, purchasing capital stakes in the companies that ran them or forming joint ventures.

In an interview with Reuters at the London Book Fair, Tan said CGPC, which reports directly to the Ministry of Propaganda, was already looking at possible targets.

"As a matter of fact, we've already had some initial negotiations with those partners," he said. Tan gave no names.

One of the companies under CGPC's umbrella, China National Publications Import and Export Corp, signed separate strategic partnerships on Tuesday with Dutch publisher Wolters Kluwer (WLSNc.AS) and with Britain's Publishing Technology Plc (PTO.L), a provider of software and services to the sector.

Publishing Technology has developed a digital portal, to be managed by CNPIEC, to link international publishers to more than 10,000 Chinese public and academic member libraries. The two partners hope that more than a million different content sources will be accessible on the site in the next two years.

CNPIEC handles more than 60 percent of the publications imported into China and more than 30 percent of those exported.

Underscoring Beijing's strategy of "going forth" in fields other than the economy, more than 180 Chinese publishers attended the book fair, which this year had a special market focus on China.

(Reporting by Alan Wheatley; Editing by Helen Massy-Beresford)

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harryr 6th Dec '12 34 of 47

Well well, At last the broker has got out of bed on this cold morning.

This and the director buy 6 weeks ago means the company is at last out of the traps in the eyes of the city

.RESEARCH ALERT-Publishing Technology: Westhouse Securities

Finance & Stock Market News

RESEARCH ALERT-Publishing Technology: Westhouse Securities raises target price

Wed, 5th Dec 2012 09:04

Dec 5 (Reuters) - Publishing Technology PLC:

* Westhouse Securities raises target price

o 150p from 120p; rating buy

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harryr 15th Dec '12 Reported for Spamming

Publishing Technology plc [PTO] last year put out a trading update on the 19th of December.It went on to say that profits for 2011 would fall short but the outlook for 2012 was very upbeat.
In the last two months the shares have come to life, this in part must be down to the purchase of stock by the director.
In the next few days the company may issue a trading statement as their year ends on 31/12/12.
Profits are forecast to be IRO half a million pounds after a first half loss.
Full year results are due in March 2013.

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sooty 16th Dec '12 36 of 47

I agree with harryr. The right business at the right time.

PTO last week signed a new lease in Boston doubling their office space there...'Publishing Technology, a provider of information technology, has signed a 6,665-square-foot office lease relocation and expansion at 38 Chauncy St. in Boston.

The UK-based company, which previously occupied 3,300 square feet in Cambridge, moved its office and doubled its space to accommodate growth....'

That's the word we all like to hear....GROWTH.

Can't add to harryr's comments as he has covered just about everything.

I hold.

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harryr 17th Dec '12 37 of 47

Publishing Technology PLC: The next Coca Cola

I understand Westhouse has this morning lifted its price target yet again to £2.00.
It last raised its target under 3 weeks ago.
They have produced some numbers to support this
Their target has now gone from £1.20 up to £2.00.
My target puts those numbers in the dustbin, it is way higher
The broker has to move up in stages often on news. I do not..

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sooty 21st Dec '12 38 of 47

Company 5...- is helping the world's leading publishers bring their content into the digital age. Years of R&D activity is beginning to pay off as the firm's products are rolled out as far afield as China...


Highly likely I'll get the thumbs down for posting this.

Never mind eh!!

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harryr 14th Feb '13 39 of 47

PTO is my next Coca Cola share.
I first posted it here in November 2012 at one pound a share.
It has now gone over two pounds a share .
The market cap is still under £20M.
Results are due in 3 weeks time,
The growth has startedI will update on results day.

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harryr 2nd Mar '13 40 of 47

Todays Financial Times page 16, lists the risers and fallers over the last 12 months.
My next Coca Cola stock Publishing Technology Plc is listed in third place with a 328.6% gain.
The London stockmarket has over 2,000 shares listed so,third place makes this share a Star
This is the forecast growth rates .
2011 - 2012 800%.
2012 - 2013 99%
2013 - 2014 38%

The 2011 - 2012 growh rate starts at around zero so do not take much notice of that.
The results for last year are due any day now.
Publishing Technology Plc has had a good run but in no way does it yet reflect the growh due over the next few years from this company.

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harryr 4th Mar '13 41 of 47

Results from my next Coca Cola company,Publishing Technology PLC have just been published within 64 days of the year end.
The results were in line turning a first half loss into a full year profit.
The full accounts can be seen on the companies home investor page.
If ever one is looking at a super growth share this must be it.
The report is in digital form.
China is just about at b/e point after 9 months of trading.
Sales from the older vista products are way ahead of where the company thought they would be 3 years ago.
Sales of the new products have grown year on year at 60%
Broker Westhouse has lifted his valuation today.
In the next few days i will post a full update of events.

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harryr 5th Mar '13 42 of 47

Publishing Technology 2012 results can be found under "investor"
Trend spotters should look at these broker valuations as Publishing Technology has turned a loss into a profit.


05 Mar 2013 Westhouse Securities Buy 230.00 260.00 Retains
04 Jan 2013 Westhouse Securities Buy 200.00 230.00 Retains
17 Dec 2012 Westhouse Securities Buy 150.00 200.00 Retains
05 Dec 2012 Westhouse Securities Buy 120.00 150.00 Retains
15 Aug 2012 Westhouse Securities 120.00 120.00 Strong buy

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harryr 6th Mar '13 43 of 47

Publishing Technology plc.

Broker report out this morning.


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harryr 7th Mar '13 44 of 47

Shares magazine this morning is highlighting Past masters Asos @ 4.5p now £27.00.
It goes on to winners in the last 12 months 513% for Mobile Streams.[Mos]
"Canny investors who piled into another marvellous minnow Oxfordshire based Publishing Technology [PTO]have enjoyed a 329% one year gain.
Publishing Technology PLC is my next Coca Cola.

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harryr 9th Mar '13 45 of 47

PTO my next Coca Cola has had an outstanding week being the third highest riser 39%.
Three items set the stock moving upwards over the last five days.
Results on Monday showed the first half loss being turned into a full year profit.
Tue saw the house broker issue a buy note and new higher valuation price.
On Wed a well known research house also posted up another a very bullish outlook and buy note on the company.
We ended the week with a company valuation of £25M in stockmarket terms a pin prick
The first sings of profit growth can now be seen by all.It is this growth that new investors are looking for in any stock they buy.They want to invest on the basis of big profits over the years ahead
The next event is the AGM in around 4 weeks time where we may or may not get an update on trading..


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harryr 12th Mar '13 46 of 47

Publishing Technology PLC is my next Coca Cola.
The stock has now gained a cool 200% from my fist post . At £25M it is in stockmarket terms a minnow.
High end investors who buy and hold any AIM quoted stock for two years do not have to pay any inheritance tax on death.
That is a huge tax break for the rich and super rich.
If one can also pick a super growth share that can in years to come pay a divi then you are on to a real winner.
PTO itself has a huge tax loss to use up,so earnings can grow 20% faster than other companies for the next few years..

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Edward Croft 13th Mar '13 47 of 47

In reply to harryr, post #46

Harryr - we are closing this thread. Frankly, we should have done this a long time ago. Please post under Publishing Technology rather than this misleading title.

Blog: Follow @edcroft on Twitter
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This thread is now closed. No new comments may be posted.

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