I'm looking for advice. I'd like to set up a stock portfolio, have some cash (5 figures), have been interested in shares for several years but am inexperienced. I want to know if there is a philosophy of buying and selling that suits me.

My previous purchases have been in my own company, I work for a large insurer, and have done well as I can generally tell when it's over or under priced. Outside of that I've tended to buy large caps after big price drops if I believe they are cheap with mixed results.

I'm not risk adverse, happy to hold a stock for years, and would like to own companies without fundamental flaws to their business model, largely bought when the market is treating them badly. I'm not sure I'd trade frequently, and wouldn't mind taking big bets if I feel it's an intelligent risk.

I've looked at a few styles and am feeling a little overwhelmed.



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