I'm new to Stockopedia and feeling my way around all its tools. Looking at the News for IBM it shows a form 8-k has been filed and this item points to the SEC website or the Luxembourg website. I couldn't find my way around the Luxembourg site but got a lead from the investor relations tab on IBM's site leading to the top entry on the EDGAR search with the appropriate (yesterday) date.

As in the "Getting started in US shares" pdf, it is possibly about a directorate change or something that might not affect the price on opening, but following a big (?) order imbalance yesterday and large red candle at the close I would like to read it... but clicking on the links from the Edgar search does not open it (could be a browser problem at my end. The filing is descibed as "Current report, item 9.01" with an acc no.

Any pointers gratefully appreciated please?

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